Weird Alien Artifact

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The Weird Alien Artifact is a unique special item which can be used by any ship class, regardless of the displayed ship type.

Death Protection

An equipped Weird Alien Artifact will prevent:

  • Resources in storage dropped on death
  • Repair Fee (credits penalty) on death
  • Equipped item Durability loss on death
    • The Weird Alien Artifact loses 20% durability, and drops in the sector
  • Hardcore Mode accounts will NOT lose items, ships, or XP on death
    • They will lose the Weird Alien Artifact, which drops in the sector


  • Rarity does not modify behavior
  • It cannot be stolen, however other items may be through Item Theft
  • Kills and Deaths from PvP are still counted
  • WAA does not repair with nanorobotics technology
  • WAA cannot be repaired with Engineering

Other Uses

Dropping a Weird Alien Artifact manually (Jettison Item) will randomly teleport everyone nearby to a random sector.

This also teleports the Weird Alien Artifact to a random sector.

This may not be done during Engagements, or in Blue and Grey sectors.

I Want One

The Weird Alien Artifact is only given out during special events.