Wyrd (Lore)

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Wyrd Racial Traits


  • Average Height: 3’6” to 4’6” (observed)
  • Average Weight: 240 – 400 lbs (observed)
  • Size: Medium (observed)


The Wyrd are largely unknown to current science. Few intelligence agencies are aware of their existence. The agencies that are aware of the Wyrd’s have classified them as the highest of secrets. If humans were to learn of their existence, mass panic would erupt and profit would cease. The only knowledge that humans speak of is that Wyrd ships resemble insects. Little else is known about the Wyrd themselves.

Wyrd individuals resemble spiders of Earth. They have eight appendages. Six are used as legs while the remaining two end with polydactyl-ended hands capable of complex actions with far deeper precision than humans. Little is known of their social structure beyond limited observation of injured subjects.

Observed subjects have been roughly the size of large ponies. Each has a “face” which has eight eyes and ends in massive mandibles which are highly venomous. The “mouth” has additional mandibles inside for further masticating prey. They are capable of mimicking human speech, although their own language seems to consist of clicks and screeches utilizing their mandibles. Corporate scientists hypothesize that there could be a telepathic element to their speech since all efforts to isolate and analyze their language have met with failure.

Wyrd venom is a highly-effective neurotoxin which immobilizes instead of kills their prey. It is believed that this is to allow the victim to remain alive while it is prepared for either storage or later meals. Further speculation is that the Wyrd may use captured hosts as living incubators for their eggs. Neither possibility is a pleasant thought.

In addition, none of the subjects observed thus far have been female. This leads experts to theorize that observed subjects may only be some sort of worker caste or drone. Other members of the species are likely to be far more dangerous with possible variations in size, strength and intelligence levels. Extreme caution is advised for any contact with the Wyrd.

Some believe that Sterist is the Head Wyrd with eighty jowls and a thousand compound eyes.

Behavior and Personality

Nothing is known about individual personalities of the Wyrd and their language is still a mystery. It is, however, known that they have developed a taste for humans and will go to great lengths to capture human crews alive.

There have been recent reports that some Wyrd, when encountered, have been attempting to communicate, if not issuing threats and warnings outright.