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Ship Basics: The Ship Icon

Tutorial ship.png

  • Player Name (NewPlayer)
  • Privateer - That means you are not part of a player-made Corporation or an Alliance. If you are a member of one, that name will appear here instead. New accounts can join Corporations after reaching Level 0.5.
  • Level - as you fight enemies, you will gain experience. As you gain experience, you will gain levels. By gaining levels, you will get access to more powerful equipment and gain some Level Bonuses, too!
  • Ship Types - The type of ship appears underneath your Level. The background image also changes based on what kind of ship you are currently using.
  • Hull Points (HP) - This is the defensive strength of your ship, and indicates the amount of damage you can take before you die. NewPlayer's shuttle has 1710 HP.

The Ship Factory: New Ships

New players unlock free ship upgrades as they level up! It has been done this way so you can save your credits to buy equipment upgrades from Auctions. However, if you wish to buy a larger ship early, you can do that too.

The free ships that are available are:

The Ship Factory

To buy and use a new ship (Android client):

  • Go to Earth
  • Tap Earth
  • Select the ships on the left to view their information
  • Once you have found the ship you want to buy, press Buy Ship
  • Select the ship you want, and press the Use Ship button to get into that ship.

General Ship Information

Upgrading your ship gives you more room to equip bigger and better items. Ships have EquipPoints (EP) that determine the maximum amount of equipment you can put into your ship.

Once you have purchased a ship it is yours forever to use. You can move back into old ships by using the Ship Factory interface.

Ships cannot be sold back to the Ship Factory, nor can they be transferred to other players.

Earth only sells the first 6 types of ships (including free shuttles). The rest (Dreadnoughts+) are only available at Alliance Planets, those which are run by other players.

Not all Alliance Planets have all of the ships unlocked. By Terraforming, Alliances can unlock better ship for their members to purchase.

There are three special Wyrd ships that can only be bought using BlackDollars from the BlackDollar Menu, and one additional Wyrd ship than can only be unlocked using Combat Points.