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Developer Posts

“We can figure out ways to limit vision without throwing out the idea. A spy in another corporation should at least need to be in the same solar system to get any details. Corporations could also have the option to go "Privateer" to remain neutral in the greater conflict. Maybe Privateer corporations couldn't gain PvP rewards like Skulls, but also wouldn't give rewards if killed. Garrison / Planet / Outpost deployment and busting should be more fast-paced and fluid. Removing the Credit cost to deploy would promote this, so people aren't losing much if busted. It would be more fun if territory control was constantly shifting, with busting and deployment happening constantly. 2 or 3 large factions will generate more teamwork and fleet PvP, which is probably the most fun part of the game. We can always experiment with more, but I think the game just naturally lends itself to two large Alliances. I'm not sure we gain anything by adding more.”