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“The game population is 12% higher this week than last week, because I've been working on marketing. I read every post, I respond to every email, and I work on TIB 3 to 4 hours a day. Most of what I do recently is back-end, network, hardware, or infrastructure that isn't obvious to players, but is critical to the game functioning. I am very cautious about making big changes to TIB anymore. Every time I do, it is met with outrage and anger -- Even when the change is entirely positive and benefits everyone. The community has made it clear that I should not fix what isn't broken, and I'm listening to that. I would *love* to make big sweeping changes to TIB. I have hundreds of awesome concepts that I'm terrified of trying, because of how angry people get about any change at all... So, it'll happen, but it's going to be slow and gradual over months or years to not rock the boat. As far as "the game is dead"... You realize I've been hearing that for 6 years? Literally from the first week people were telling me the game is dead. I'm still here, and so is my game, where we'll both be probably until I'm dead.”