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“ We're just 15% away from funding The Infinite Black Expansion and are throwing in a huge gift for that final push! All backers at 'The Flayer Tier' or higher ($80) will receive another powerful ship for free! The Tech Despoiler is a kickstarter exclusive that will not be available anywhere else. This is the only ship in the game with a natural Technician bonus, allowing it to remove Grapple or other harmful effects from friendly units. Despoiler Class is a "Large" ship that normally has no bonus, so your Tech Despoiler is unique! Players can collect, trade, or sell these ships in The Expansion like equipment items. Additionally, the new Strike Group defense mechanics will accommodate your Tech Despoiler as the AI now takes advantage of Technician abilities. From kickstarter updates at”

19h 12m

“At the moment there aren't any fundamental changes to repairs planned, but we could experiment with ideas players want to try. Rings of Night changed metal repairs and gave everyone a free repair action instead. That system works well, and existing gear would be converted to use it, but that's a significant change we'd want to test first. Shield cannot be repaired -- It will automatically repair itself when not in combat, but it might also be possible to emergency refill shields using battery power. The live game currently has a server-side limitation on how quickly ships can repair. This cooldown will display on the new user interface so you can see what's happening, but it shouldn't make repairs functionally different. We'll want to discuss removing Metal Repair because metal is used in crafting recipes now. It sucks that you're burning crafting resources to stay alive. Free repairs is better as long as there's some limiting factor, such as battery power or a time cooldown.”