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“Alliances in The Infinite Black provide a framework for many corporations to work together, but we've always felt they could play a larger part in game mechanics. The Expansion will have new Alliance features with technology and research trees. Not only will players terraform a planet, but they also can pick the planet's class, which grants benefits to the entire Alliance. Selecting an Ice World, for example, will give everyone in the Alliance a bonus to Stunning attacks. Primordial Worlds give a bonus to XP gains, Fertile Worlds benefit resource gathering, and so on. Players will still terraform their planets as the do now, but each rank earns a Research Point they may invest into ship construction technology. Alliance members will be able to deploy shipyards to build any ship unlocked at the planet -- With over 70 new ship classes, Alliances will need to decide what technology they specialize in, weighing each option against their needs and the technology unlocked by their enemies. Very early in the history of the game, players transported colonists from Earth to their planet. Colonists represented the "health" of the Planet, which was destroyed when all colonists were killed. During beta testing we're going to experiment with bringing colonists back! Instead of paying Credits to deploy a planet, Alliances would transport Colonists from a nearby Homeworld. Colonists would be treated like other resources such as Organics and Metals -- They could be traded and sold to Outposts, or deposited on installations like Garrisons and Planets. This would add a new facet of logistics gameplay, where large transport ships and space traders can once again play an important role in the game. From the kickstarter updates:”

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