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“Drones (which means "Fighters", "Repair Drones", and "Harvester Drones") will become an equipped item activated from a hotbar. The current system that has a little drone and fighter with you will go away, and Harvester items will become Harvester Drones. Some ships, such as Carriers, will have a lot of Drone slots, while others will be limited to 1. Their abilities will be similar to what they do now -- Extra free attack, repair self, harvest an asteroid, etc. Any Ship Class limitations on items will be going away, but some items will instead get Faction limitations -- There will be Wyrd-only drones, as an example, that will require a Wyrd ship. All ship classes will have a Pirate / Wyrd / Heteroclite / Standard variation, so you could unlock a Wyrd Shuttle that can use Wyrd drones. PvP / PvE is a different topic that will be discussed tomorrow (June 24th) on the live stream at 5:00pm US-Central at www.Spellbook.TV”

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