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“There's nothing new. The only thing which changed is that a few people were caught cheating using VPNs to circumvent restrictions, and were reigned in. They're upset about having to play by the same rules as everyone else. They were't just playing a few ships from a phone and a tablet. We don't care about that. Everyone is welcome to play the game with 3 or 4 ships if they want, and we won't notice or care. Some of the guys complaining in this thread have been caught running 15 to 25 ships at once. Some of them have even created hacked game clients to run fully-automated scripts that play the game for them 24/7, despite it being against the EULA (and technically illegal). We looked the other way for a long time, and they continued to take more and more liberties, until one day there were 85 ships being controlled by three people. They flew around destroying all the new players, normal players, farmers, and everyone's Garrisons. Less and less "normal" players were able to play, and MANY people quit. If you can't admit to that being a threat to the game, then I question your agenda in this discussion. It's absolutely short-sighted. You wouldn't be here if you didn't enjoy the game... So when the person who made the game says that what you're doing is harming it, why would your response be anything other than trying to help make things better? Instead we get angry rants demanding that we continue to let the game be ruined... Not shockingly from the same few people who made me have to write all of these stupid rules in the first place. I appreciate everyone's feedback and I understand your concerns. I've laid out the reasoning as clearly as I can. We cannot allow free-for-all multiboxing -- Some players can and will abuse the hell out of it. Because they're incapable of moderating themselves, I'm unfortunately forced to, else there won't be any game left for anyone to play at all. The real crime against the community here is that instead of actually improving the game, I have to spend hundreds of hours defending it against abusive players. Imagine what I could have done with the game if this didn't consume all of my time and efforts.”


“ The Lost Legion: Perdition's Flames Book One of the Lost Legion Series by D.A. Roberts In epic space battles that define a universe, there are the lives of the people that call it their home. Spellbook Studio, the company that brought you The Infinite Black game, gives you a glimpse into some of those lives. See their universe as you have never seen it before. Voyage into β€œThe Infinite Black.” In the early days of deep space exploration, the Corporations controlled everything. Finding it easier to plunder the resources they wanted from planets that were unable to resist, they created the first of the Harvester Fleets. These vast fleets would find, conquer and strip planets of their precious resources, leaving a trail of broken, lifeless shells in their wake. Harvester Fleet Septimus Decius was dispatched to a rich target, ripe for the harvest. They never suspected that everything would change when they reached Haakon Prime. Ambushed by the enigmatic race known as the Wyrd, they fought a desperate battle to survive. Even their powerful rivals, the Wyrd, were not prepared for the chain reaction of cataclysmic events that would result. Centuries later, radically different crews on two separate ships would discover that their fates were intertwined with the Lost Fleet. Destiny would bring them all to Haakon Prime, but it will be their choices that will define them. Will they join the Lost Fleet? AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON.COM!”