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“This has been a busy week! We're preparing to publish a major update to Heroes of Dire that adds a lot of previously promised features, bug fixes, and drastically improves the new player experience. Part of that includes back-end database fixes which also apply to The Infinite Black Expansion, because it uses the same database system. Next week we're going to officially announce the new Dire game, using a modified Heroes of Dire engine. It will focus on fast battles, PvP and gambling without all of the PvE exploration junk that got added by kickstarter stretch goals. The idea is to create a more exciting and fast-paced experience, and be less confusing to new players. It's a 100% "clean" one-time purchase with no pay-to-win mechanics. (It will have additional paid vanity-only features)”


“Steam Marketplace I ended up working on the Steam marketplace all week. Steam's interfaces are from the 1990s and very poorly documented. I basically have to make a request, blindly parse what comes back, and fix bug after bug until it magically works. It's going well now, however. I can pull down Steam players, their stats, achievements, and item inventories, then add/remove items, verify ownership, etc. The next step will be figuring out how to link Spellbook accounts with Steam accounts. This gets more complex since a lot of people don't use Steam, or might share accounts. There will probably have to be a special "Move Item to Steam Marketplace" system, where the item is removed from your in-game inventory so it can't be traded or sold in the middle of a Steam transaction. Either that, or the Steam Marketplace transactions could all be done in-game through a new auction interface. I think it's worth the effort because players obviously want a way to buy and sell items for real money. This lets them do it safely with a real market exchange. Rings of Night I've always liked RON more than TIB. It solved many mechanical problems, is more casual friendly, and I think has more challenges. Capitalism disagrees with me, however. There's 100x more players in TIB than RON. We'll be investigating the idea of merging RON with TIB-X after the expansion has a playable beta available. Many of the changes in TIB-X are inspired by RON, such as the resource economy, and more difficult NPC challenges. Unannounced Cthulhu VR MMO Steampunk tesla-coil sniper rifles kick ass.”