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“First of all, thank you all very much for your help with this. There were some outstanding maps submitted. Having to narrow-down each map to only one has been a challenge, as we typically had around 4-5 great maps each contest. All runner-up maps have been put in our archive for future use (extended universe maps, instanced maps, etc). If we use those maps later, we'll give you prizes for them, too! Below is the tentative list of Finalists. We're going to make another pass to make sure we're good, but I think this is it. Finalist prizes will be given out on Monday! #1 MarqLong #2 Internal #3 DarthOdin #4 Xariol #5 Guss #6 Xariol #7 Guss #8 Tulkus #9 Guss #10 MarqLong #11 Guss #12 Glimmung #13 Grizellus #14 Grizellus #15 MarqLong #16 Glimmung #17 NecroMewMew #18 CydKnight #19 Tulkus #20 CydKnight #21 Guss”


“We haven't chosen any winners yet, but we have narrowed-down the best submissions for each map contest. Some people's maps are consistently good and follow what we're asking for, so nice job! Below is a list of names of people who have been chosen as finalists for Map Contests 1-8: glimmung x3 nyqx x3 Grizellus x2 Guss x2 heerend x2 Skade x2 Tulkus x2 Xariol x2 DarthOdin x2 KungLeon AAAC antm1 ChangMao x3 CydKnight dirtybags lhooman MarqLong x3 sigmasgirl sixty7pearls If you don't see your name on this list, you might want to check out some of the maps these people have done to help you get an idea of what we're looking for. Please be aware that we are now actively disqualifying maps that don't fit the criteria we have outlined for each contest. We had to disqualify 5 submissions in the last contest, and it was painful for us to do. Please make sure you abide by the x/175 sector cap!”