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Developer Posts

“I know everyone is looking for another update -- I've been working for over a week now on improving the entity list, and will have a video when it's ready to show. There are a lot of problems that have always existed with the old interfaces, such as how to interact easily with big lists of hundreds of ships, and new player confusion. It gets even more complicated now because you control up to 7 ships from one client, so there's a bunch of additional weird conditions, such as which ship you currently have selected being the one you intend to take an action with... How do you make one ship follow another ship you own, or stop one ship attacking without stopping all ships? The original iOS client had a little drop-down menu that appeared when you tapped a ship, with options like attack, follow, trade, etc. I've decided to use this system in the new client instead of pop-up dialogs because it solves a lot of problems and is more easy to understand. It also lets me display additional information, such as exactly how much hull you can repair and how many Metals it's going to cost. This eliminates the need for tap-to-attack and tap-to-repair because those are buttons now on every target. There will be configuration options that allow you to always show buttons on ships (always friends, always enemies, always self, etc), or as a drop-down only when you tap it.”


“The new user interface for The Infinite Black Expansion is about 95% complete. We can connect to the server and play the game! The next step is to implement the universe and solar system maps, space battle visuals, and movement from sector to sector. We'll have a demo video of the user interface soon. New Features Players have been asking why things are delayed. A big reason for that is because we've added 9 major new features that were never announced! We'll release more details in the coming weeks, but today we can reveal three of them! 1) There is now a captain portrait designer built into the client so all players can create a unique avatar. The old website portrait system will be going away. 2) Vanity items drop from enemy NPCs and special events. You can buy and sell these items, or consume them to add to your collection. There are currently over 5,000 vanity items with more on the way. Bonus: Kickstarter backers will receive exclusive Vanity items! 3) We are integrating the Steam Marketplace into the desktop clients. This allows players to buy and sell equipment safely outside of the game using their Steam wallet, with powerful price history and market tracking tools. We'll have another update soon with a video and more information!”