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Developer Posts

“Money isn't the issue with advertising. The problem is the client.. It's confusing, unfriendly, doesn't work particularly well, isn't visually attractive, and too many things are through chat commands. My goal with the expansion client is to make something visually attractive which helps marketing, and has a good new player experience. We've put over $20,000 into advertising in the past two years, and it never pays off. Typically we get about 1 download per $1 and only 1:100 of them stick around to play... So we're paying about $100 for a real new user. It's just not economically viable, at least with the current game. What matters 1000x more than advertising is positive reviews, and word-of-mouth. That's why it sucks every time a player who likes the game decides to give us a negative review (like lots of people still playing have). They're just killing the game they enjoy, and not fixing anything. Our rating on Google Play was tanked by an alliance who was unhappy about some minor issue two years ago. I don't even remember what it was because it got changed a day later, but they did serious and lasting damage to the game -- We were dropped from Google's top game list, and saw a 90% decline in new users, all because some Alliance leader thought destroying our rating was a good idea. They were directly responsible for 2 employees losing their jobs because we couldn't afford them anymore, and we had to shift focus to Heroes of Dire to generate a new revenue stream. If you guys want the game to survive, the best thing you could do is encourage corp mates to review the game. We don't give any rewards or gifts for positive reviews, other than not going out of business.”


“Coming soon: Super Royale every 4 hours (25 bd / 125,000 Credits Entry Fee) Mega Royale every 12 hours (100 bd / 500,000 Credits Entry Fee) Ultimate Royale every 60 hours (500 bd / 2,500,000 Credits Entry Fee) Tournament Royale every 160 hours (1000 bd / 5,000,000 Credits Entry Fee) In these game modes: - The creep is slower and more metals drop - The top 10 players win a prize, instead of the top 5. - The prizes are all a split of the entry fees, so the more people who play, the larger the pot. - 5 players required to start instead of 10. If not enough players queue up, it will refund and start a normal round. - A new Tournament leaderboard counts special event wins. The :BATTLE command gives a countdown for each mode and alerts will let you know what mode is currently running. We'll also try to live stream the larger ones on SPELLBOOK.TV Other changes: - You can now swap gear with an enemy in the sector - EP overflow and resource overflow tests happen after a gear swap, so you won't dump resources and items when swapping gear anymore.”