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“Hello Everybody! Who wants to make some maps!? Odachi has made a cool Map Building Tool for us to use to create the new universe! You can play with that tool here: Just a note: This Tool is built to be used on a Desktop/Laptop, and NOT mobile devices! However, it seems to work just fine on mobile, just more tedious. Over the next few weeks we'll be running semi-regular contests to assist us in designing the game world. Each Winner will receive 500 BDs and their map will be featured in the expansion! Runner-ups will receive 100 BDs just for participating (even though your maps might not be used). Spellbook staff will pick the winners and runner-ups! The number of people participating in these events will determine the BD payouts, so the more people participating, the bigger the prizes! For the time being, please let's keep it to 1 map per person, per contest. Instructions: 1) Below is the URL for the map we are currently having a contest for. The URL will take you to a template page where you can create the sector layout and links for the map. Yes, we know the URLs run off the page! 2) You can use the WASD keys to move around the map (or click with the mouse), then press the Number Pad keys (1-9) to place the sector links. Alternatively, you can hold down Shift and use the QWE, AD, and ZXE keys to automatically place sector connections as you move around the map. 3) We've built 45 template maps that have their Jump Gates connected appropriately. We need you to fill in the rest. The only map-building rule requirement is that all existing Jump Gates are somehow connected to each other. New Jump Gates cannot be placed, nor can existing ones be removed or moved. 4) Once you're done and happy with your map, press the "Copy to Clipboard" button, and paste the long URL into a reply to this post. If you'd like to backup/save your map to file, you also have that option at the very bottom (Download Map File). Once we feel like there have been enough submissions and enough time has passed, we will close the existing contest and then start a new one. Our first Map to build on is #19, "Setarii" This region will contain the Human Faction home world, and may (or may not) be the newbie starting area. Keep a Homeworld Location in mind when designing this! THIS IS THE MAP TEMPLATE FOR CONTEST #1! START HERE!”