Developer Posts

“It's been a long year but we're finally rolling out a huge update for Heroes of Dire! All platform download links are available at Thanks for your patience, and there's more to come! Please report any issues so we can get them fixed ASAP. v1.4.0 - Many UI improvements! - Media packaged with client -- No downloading and fast load times! - Over 200 new audio clips for voices and combat - Guilds can now design a custom banner - Quests, treasures, and squads visible on the world map - Recover crafting materials from scrapped items - All weapon damaged adjusted to make lower levels easier - Item durability loss significantly reduced to encourage fighting - Item durability MAX removed -- All items repair to 100% - Quests: Removed kill requirements, replaced with progress points - Quests: Officers worth 5 points, Leaders worth 15, Deity worth 50 - Quests: Item rewards are better than normal loot drops - Rogues can shadowstep through walls and friends - Lance, Halberd, Quarterstaff, and Spear reach 2 tiles instead of 1 - Resources and Artifacts can no longer be teleported - Resources can be destroyed by squads - Masterwork crafted items are much better (for players and NPCs) - Battles can once again pull in nearby friends and enemies - Fighters have a new stat called Mana - Max mana is calculated from class, race, rarity, and ascend - Healing actions reduce a fighter's mana by weapon attack speed - Healing is heavily penalized once mana is depleted! - Cultists, Zombies, Golems, Giants, Huppo gain a mana bonus - Wall Shield has more Guard, can stun, and does more damage”