Developer Posts

“I'm open to all suggestions on what can be changed, and will continue to work on Dire. Many of the mechanics you guys pinpoint as problems were suggested and designed by players (including some people in this thread), and often in the name of "protecting weak players" and "protecting weak guilds". That's a big reason why PvP sucks in Dire: The desire to "protect" weakness instead of rewarding skill. There's not enough incentives and too many negatives for engagement. I prefer much more brutal and hardcore mechanics, but the idea here was to cater to solo and casual gamers more. It's not a complete wash, however, and I'd be happy to re-build whatever systems aren't working. My time split between Dire and The Infinite Black Expansion will be 25% / 75% for the next few weeks, so progress will be slower, but I will be working on whatever suggestions you guys come up with here.”