mikkejos22's Items

Name Fighter Category Rarity Level
Enruned Resolve FlaskEnruned Resolve Flasknot equipped1-Hand Healing WeaponRare (R3)2
Superb RobesSuperb Robesnot equippedCloth ArmorRare (R3)4
Ornate RobesOrnate Robesnot equippedCloth ArmorRare (R3)1
Heavy Mail of FortitudeHeavy Mail of Fortitudenot equippedMail ArmorUncommon (R2)1
Crude MorningstarCrude Morningstarnot equipped1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Damaged GreatswordDamaged Greatswordnot equipped2-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Fetish of DiseaseFetish of Diseasenot equipped1-Hand Magic Offhand WeaponCommon (R1)1
Broken Parry DaggerBroken Parry Daggernot equipped1-Hand Defensive Offhand WeaponCommon (R1)1
Primitive BucklerPrimitive Bucklernot equippedShieldCommon (R1)1
Rotting RobesRotting Robesnot equippedCloth ArmorCommon (R1)1
Primitive LeathersPrimitive Leathersnot equippedLeather ArmorCommon (R1)1
Dank LeathersDank Leathersnot equippedLeather ArmorCommon (R1)1
Primitive MailPrimitive Mailnot equippedMail ArmorCommon (R1)1
Nasty MailNasty Mailnot equippedMail ArmorCommon (R1)1
Primitive PlatePrimitive Platenot equippedPlate ArmorCommon (R1)1
Chipped TiaraChipped Tiaranot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Scratched BeadsScratched Beadsnot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Imperfect BraceletImperfect Braceletnot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Stone x4Stone x4not equippedCrafting ResourceCommon (R1)1
Polished BandPolished Bandmikkejos22TrinketRare (R3)1
Rugged KatanaRugged Katanamikkejos222-Hand Melee WeaponUncommon (R2)1
Broken DaggerBroken DaggerAssassin Sherlock1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Broken LanceBroken LanceBlack Owl1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Broken LongbowBroken LongbowThe Wanderer of Glory2-Hand Ranged WeaponCommon (R1)1
Poor Wand of JudgementPoor Wand of JudgementSensitive Felix1-Hand Ranged Healing WeaponCommon (R1)1
Cracked Corruption StaffCracked Corruption StaffThe Sloppy Magician2-Hand Ranged Magic WeaponCommon (R1)1
Primitive Courage FlaskPrimitive Courage FlaskSensitive Felix1-Hand Healing WeaponCommon (R1)1
Old Parry DaggerOld Parry DaggerAssassin Sherlock1-Hand Defensive Offhand WeaponCommon (R1)1
Old Kite ShieldOld Kite ShieldBlack OwlShieldCommon (R1)1
Rotting RobesRotting RobesSensitive FelixCloth ArmorCommon (R1)1
Rotting RobesRotting RobesThe Sloppy MagicianCloth ArmorCommon (R1)1
Battered LeathersBattered LeathersThe Wanderer of GloryLeather ArmorCommon (R1)1
Battered LeathersBattered LeathersAssassin SherlockLeather ArmorCommon (R1)1
Rotting MailRotting MailBlack OwlMail ArmorCommon (R1)1
Crude PlateCrude Platemikkejos22Plate ArmorCommon (R1)1
Damaged BaubleDamaged BaubleSensitive FelixTrinketCommon (R1)1
Fractured EarringsFractured EarringsThe Wanderer of GloryTrinketCommon (R1)1