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Cant connectLoads up fine, i hit.login says cant find server, try again cant connect reason no ping. Try again says reset password i do that tyen says cant connect.no network. How i fix? Using galaxy
RON Arcade Room is now openrings of night players club..... players is missing the R. Just letting you know looks interesting
who's getting drunk tonightI am
Lets try thisHow about y'all quit responding to dumbnoobs qqin on forum. He is obvisouly feeding off of it and enjoying it. So don't respond to him and he will prolly shut that hole up. And after all t
So What's Happening.I dont think there is no need for nano. I have augged about 5 items at 20 dura to ult within the past month which aint that bad. Farm solo and you will easily make the credits you need to
invasion attacking garrison n we defend like a pve defenceI agree the'game is getting boring, and since it was suppose to have a more pve aspect, I think it would be a great addition. And say if a garri gun kills a npc, a certain amount of resear
Help New Players!I know that people help, I am not saying it doesnt happened. But when a Mod will say he will possisbly reward people for seeing them do good deeds to help new players out, come man serious
LolWe'll I'm glad you took time to delete my post about events for Ron and still not say anything about when we will get something. Thanks for nothing.
Single Player Modeclick your ship,click turn off hardcore mode... problem solved
Help New Players!How can you say you will give out free stuff when 95 percent of the time there is not a MOD on to see the glorious acts of DUMBnoob helping new players out. Riddle me that batman
Ron Account CreationI dont wanna hear it you found a prec screamer the other day....im jealous lol. sorry i could not help your solve your issue with the mutliple accounts on a device. If anyone has a samsung
Ron Account Creationdude these mods don't care about RoN anyway I see one pop in every now and then, then leave. Some mods on spellbook are not bad, but then like you said there some on here that should be ha
Ron Account Creationhit me up sometime in pm i know how you can put a 2nd account on there
Credit SaleNot all of us has the glory to spend money whenever we want on credits.
Credit SaleHow about a double credit sale for Halloween. Not these 25%/50% sales. And maybe just to throw a idea at you. How about when you do the sales, lets say if you buy a certain amount there mi