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CP Stats (2014-present)2018 CP points/day As to be expected, the "top" days for 2018 were the first and last day of the July 4th e
CP Stats (2014-present)Here's a chart for 2018:
CP Stats (2014-present)2014-2018
CP Stats (2014-present)Someone asked about CP stats, so Mythra obliged and painstakingly went through all of our internal logs since 2014. 736,037,996 CP have been earned by all players since January 1, 2014.
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventBump. Original post updated.
Heroes of Dire Update!In the very near future we'll be working on updating HOD and likely converting it to a paid game with no micro-transactions. This project will be headed-up by Megaweapon, with some assi
schoolyard thingTIB-X will have changes that will address a lot of our long-standing issues. But just trying to run this upcoming event, you can see the drama it has caused....and it's far from the "cr
schoolyard thingWould you be interested in Schoolyard Pew, but only if like Shuttles (or Titans?) received bonus CPs?
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpWould Dynasty participate if CP were disabled for the event?
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventEveryone is welcome to participate in approved Schoolyard PVP this weekend, and we strongly encourage you to do so! It's something new, and something different. I for one am happy that
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventScheduled FvF Events: Xan vs Tous - Friday, 6pm EST Szerzen vs Sanekilla - Saturday, 4pm EST Hermia vs Inviktus, Sunday 12am EST ShadowWolf10 vs Kiwiborn96 - Sunday, 1pm EST
Player Guide Pages on TiB Website For NEWBIESWe've offered to pay people to make (quality) guides, and have paid a few people over the years. Most of the guide submissions we've received very poor quality, rife with typos, grammar
The Help For the Revival of Tib, and the stop of a shutdown thoughtLogin rewards are exploitable, as people can create multiple accounts. It's just not going to happen.
Congrats on Level 500 x3 mikadeth!It's seriously impressive. Now go take a vacation, you deserve it.
TIBX Currency .We have already discussed this previously. We will test a credit-only system in th