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New skull itemsWe're looking at adding the Limited Edition holds to RP/Skulls/Loot Drops (rare, from bosses)
2019 Stats?Posted -> Stickied.
2019 PVP Stats2019 PVP Stats, Excluding Battle Royale. Total Deaths: 36,696 -- Top Players by Deaths -- 1) Keymaniwash 195 (The Dynasty) 2) peen66 145
2019 PVP StatsThe 2019 PVP Stats are below! Some numbers may be off or inflated because of Battle Royale! Death Stats with Battle Royale Kills/Deaths REMOVED are in the 2nd post in this thread.
Where did the forums go?We had to hide them from the main site because of Russian Spammers. You can still access them from in-game links or the Wikipedia. Or, be a normal person and just bookmark them in your b
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!The "Shields" items in TIB-X will fundamentally change how Nova and other stats effect items (stun, grapple, etc) work. In a nutshell, you'll have to remove a ship's shields before you can
2018 PVP Stats (Unity)It uses whichever Corporation/Alliance you were in during your last kill/death/CP event for the year.
2018 PVP Stats (Unity)For simplicity's sake, we merged the logs for Gold Unity for 2018. Total Deaths: 76,661 -- Top Players by Deaths -- 1) stupidhumans 331 (HITSQUAD) 2) Keymaniwas
CP Stats (2014-present)2018 CP points/day As to be expected, the "top" days for 2018 were the first and last day of the July 4th e
CP Stats (2014-present)Here's a chart for 2018:
CP Stats (2014-present)2014-2018
CP Stats (2014-present)Someone asked about CP stats, so Mythra obliged and painstakingly went through all of our internal logs since 2014. 736,037,996 CP have been earned by all players since January 1, 2014.
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventBump. Original post updated.
Heroes of Dire Update!In the very near future we'll be working on updating HOD and likely converting it to a paid game with no micro-transactions. This project will be headed-up by Megaweapon, with some assi
schoolyard thingTIB-X will have changes that will address a lot of our long-standing issues. But just trying to run this upcoming event, you can see the drama it has caused....and it's far from the "cr