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July 4th EventAs you all know, I'm not told of events ahead of time. Ozy is out of the office, but I will pass this along to him and see if we can ask for some special event next week.
Server down?It is back up now. Repair should have happened about an hour ago.
Server down?Yes, they are looking into it.
wyrd invader, flagship.To clarify, since I have been getting lots of questions about this, send an email or pm Mythra for new players ONLY on the Unity server. Not Gold. Thanks!
Alpha Bug Testing - Post Here!!I thought that this was being talked about, but can't remember the direction we decided to go in. Is this still an issue for you?
Dire AlphaIf the next time it happens, you can write down or remember what lead up to it, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
IOS bugs and issues - Please Post Here!Bug report number HDP-42
Linux users & crashing - Discuss here!All added to report
level lockoutThis system has changed in the last week. Have you tested it out? Thoughts on how the changes work for you?
Rest ButtonThis system has been rethought. Have you tried out the new 'wait' or self heal timers?
So about that expiry timeFeature request report number HDP-41
Android Phone "pause/resume" bugA lot has changed in the last 11 days. Is this still and issue?
Chatting to friends onlyFeature request submitted, report number HDP-40
*new* item labelFeature request report number HDP-39
Coop TestingThis is an old post. There have been a lot of changes in the last 11 days. Can you let me know which ones you think still needs work before I submit the bugs or feature requests? Thanks