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anyone know of an app that tracks spaceball rolls?It's 1:30am and I'm bored... Total: 1,955,832 rolls 00: 51,986 0: 51,445 1: 51,053 2: 51,584 3: 51,344 4: 51,319 5: 51,588 6: 51,526 7: 51,601 8: 51,905 9: 51,237 10: 51,607
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]Glad I could help, Payne. :D Has anyone here tested it on Windows 8.1? I haven't tried it recently, but the last time I tried it, only half of the windows wanted to get into their pos
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]I didn't notice that issue on mine..I'm not sure if that's a Unity thing, but I haven't run into that issue yet, so I wouldn't know of a fix for it.
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]You have to download The Infinite Black for PC separately.
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]If you could make a short video or gif that I could look at, that would work.
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]Sorry, I don't follow what you mean..
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?Check it out here: https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=2&scat=3&tid=1272 :D
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]It's a bit tough to actually do it that way, and would require a substantial rewrite to the current code. The way it works right now is by doing some fancy math to determine the current s
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]I want to make sure I'm interpreting this correctly, so I make the right changes. If you open 3 instances on top and 4 on the bottom, click the save button, and go back later, it opens 3
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]Hi everyone! For those who haven't been following the other thread here on the forums, I'm finally releasing TIBA (The Infinite Black Assistant). TIBA is a program that will allow you to n
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?I may not have explained this clearly in one of my previous posts, but this script does not, in any way, control ships. The only thing this script does is organize multiple windows on a si
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?Super bump! I'm not dead, and I'm back to possibly (finally) release a finished version of this script, if it's still wanted by anyone. I was going to make a new topic instead of bumpin
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?The project is pretty much done at this point. This is essentially the final look of it, unless someone brings up anything that needs to be changed. It probably won't be released until the
Are there any other rubiks cubists?I think my best has been around 57 seconds using a modified version of the beginner's method (the one in the book you get when you buy the official cube). I kept tweaking some steps here a
PVP abnormalityI'm a living example of this, and I know I'm not alone. This exact thing has almost guaranteed my move off of grey (and probably off of TIB, once RoN comes out).