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MultiWindow Android APKsNo need to uninstall the official client, I like to keep it installed so I can update it through the play store. My modified files have been renamed so android considers them as completel
MultiWindow Android APKsWith Unity you can control multiple ships independently.
MultiWindow Android APKsI'm sure it's possible, but i don't have a Sony device so someone else will have to look into that.
[SPEN][MW] Android APK'sI have started a new thread for these updates to make it a little easier to find. Please start using the thread below. https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=2&scat=3&tid=1517&p=0#_1517
MultiWindow Android APKsI have modified both clients to run multiple instances on android devices. I will do my best to update these as soon as new versions are released. Unity v1.2.3 TIB_U01 - https://drive.go
[SPEN][MW] Android APK'sJust updated new versions https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=2&scat=3&tid=294&p=2#13518_294
Unity multiboxjust posted them https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=2&scat=3&tid=1517&p=0#_1517
[SPEN][MW] Android APK'sAs far as i know your limited to Samsung if you want to multibox without rooting. If you are rooted, then i think you can find methods to multibox, but i haven't tested them.
EmailsI've been waiting over a month for a response, even sent 2 follow-ups and still nothing.
[SPEN][MW] Android APK'si should be able to, i need to find the latest APK file first. edit: Found it, working on updating it now. edit: Done, see previous post
[SPEN][MW] Android APK'sUpdated unity v1.1.0 Updated old client v1.5
Tablet Multiboxingcheck out the XDA developers forum. rooting is different for each model. find your device on XDA and make sure you find instructions for you specific model, they vary slightly between ca
Tablet Multiboxingi have uploaded the new version of unity. have fun https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=2&scat=3&tid=294&p=4#14785_294
Tablet MultiboxingWhat do you mean? I'm running Kit Kat on all my devices and multiboxing works. It's not perfect, but it works.
Corporation banned for fake kills questionI'm completely against busting you own garrys, but I'm afraid innocent people may be punished. What if you are sitting on your nano garry, which is not part of your alliance, someone jump