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Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Yeah I've seen a lot of games so flawed that have lasted 8 years. You've convinced me. I will quit today.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Yeah, I've seen quite a few wallet warriors in this game and very few of them are still playing or at least not active. They typically get bored faster.
Gold Server Players Not Showing Up On Armory SiteI wouldn't look for this to happen in the current version of Tib and quite frankly, if there is going to be a TibX, I would rather Spellbook work on that until it's done.
Positive Experiences on Schoolyard PvPWhen I was mainly playing on Gold Server, it got so bad at the end before the merge that we had no choice but to School Yard FvF. The server was dead otherwise. Once everyone on Gold kne
What is in a name?Cydonian/CydKnight: Inspired by a combination of the song "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse and the conspiracy theory that the Cydonia region of mars may have ruins of complex structures built
XP Level CapDon't forget that alliance skull xp perk should effect this as well and I don't think it shows up on your ship stats when you tap "My Info". If I am wrong, apologies in advance.
The Help For the Revival of Tib, and the stop of a shutdown thoughtAll "things" die. Some would say a "slow death" is ideal depending on your point-of-view and past experiences. I don't know much but I do know that people have been claiming this game
Different kinds of healing dronesFrom the Kickstarter page new item types such as Drones, Shield Generators, and Batteries. There will also b
LeaderboardsI see some progress with it this morning but obviously it is still a work in progress.
Merge us alreadyAccording to Ozy, a merge is simple and easy. Optional transfers are messy and tedious and will never be an option again. Many gold players have wanted this merge since server particip
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Inclement weather in South has also contributed as many busineses have closed last few days since this part of the U.S. is not equipped or experienced driving in it. Any slight resurgence
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!I am also open to a merge if TiB-X is still several months away.
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Unless there is a valid reason only the Developers see, I would also be in favor of transfers for the reasons stated in the OP.
TIBX -=Map Contest 21=- Ends Friday the 12th! Wyrd Homeworld!
TIBX -=Map Contest 20=- Ends Friday the 12th! Heteroclite Homeworld!