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Invasion's are too easyits a catch 22, you can not adjust or make the invasion any more harder because with that some rebalancing would be necessary of ship caps, Seed strength, drop rates etc etc. Most impor
altcheck commandI'm with Oz on this for sure, there is no reason you need to know who my alts are. Whether I use them for farming or for spying, you cant stop alt usage nor the ability to spy. Its like
Black ServerMmmm no. You obviously weren't there, and your lost on any factual event or discussion during that time. DR put an end to EF rule for that very reason... they were trying to rule red an
Public Invasions - Concept IdeaThis idea in of its self is brilliant actually! This means you can farm an INV with your mortal enemy and maybe you become friends and then you get recruited. I see it as an amazing rec
altcheck commandYea this is basically a COP trying to get permission to search your house without getting a warrant. Great thing is to not answer the door. NO ONE in their right mind with alts are goin
Ads at LoginGod mode - duh - its a random perk for a subscription, And you lose your WAA upon death IF your lucky you might get it back but 99.9% of the time no. You obviously fail to understand
Ads at LoginThis I would do religiously like a Magazine Subscription. Subscribers get an "Only Sub" item a month-BEO or HD or even a 30 min Farming Immunity for Regular or HC ships. No player ship can
Black ServerThis is not a factual and untrue statement about Deathrow, we unified because of the Elysian Fields issue where they were the Hall Monitor and forcing everyone to live by their rules, so l
Black ServerAsk OZ cause apparently he's not bright enough, according too you, to be able to "just do it"... you apparently are more versed in the making and production of a multi-player game. Be
Black ServerOZ suggested last year or longer, to have free transfers based on the RON format of jumping between its multiple layers of maps. I think everyone was on board with that but where that f
Black ServerI'm not sure how you all got off topic. This isn't about mirror accounts. Not about the politics of the game. Not about people not wanting it so therefore it doesn't happen. The t
Auction to Include BDsWell the last I looked you could only bet in Auction with credits only, not sure how unity looks or operates but on the old client its solely Credits only. I would rather sell gear for bds
Auction to Include BDsThis topic was brought up about 2 years ago but I think its time to bring it up again now that we have unity. Oz can we include BDs as an option for payment on auction? we would obviously
Black ServerOf the facts? That there are serious time and coding issues and some novice of computing hardware thinks a full merge is but two clicks away? Ya, that's it. Pfftt Final Fail, wanna go f
Halloween eventOmg I agree you ARE probably the biggest attention whore around Flair, must feel good to come to terms, we applaud your brave choice to come out lol :)