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The Heteroclite KingAccording to kickstarter, there are 2 ways to make the emperor class. Can either use the king points or a gaia 5 planet can deploy a shipyard. So does that mean a gaia 5 is the equivalent
Level transferSo peeps that have invested in setting up multiple ship sets on 1 account have to choose which they continue with, which they start from lvl 0 again, or split the xp and have a couple very
Level transferUnless the ships that were purchased with bds, cp, rp or carriers transfer with current account lvl. All the free ships can start at lvl 1 or even lvl 30
Level transferAll that would do is ensure the people that mb now will have more higher lvl ships to fleet with from the start. The people that only use 1 account now, with multiple ships and gear sets,
Account MigrationOops.... Seems like I screwed up the quote a little...... Lol sry it's 345 am here, but I think you get what I'm saying.
Account MigrationIt should be obvious that a lvl 250 account should not end up with 6-7 lvl 250 ship. That would create a world of issues. It seems that Ozy has considered that with possible assigning th
Account MigrationWhat about at least the purchased ships on each account keeps current lvl? So if someone has an account that's lvl 50 or lvl 100 and has a couple specific ships unlocked, current lvl carri
Multiple Weapons - Questions!Or maybe a 3 sec built in timer at first, then that can be reduced to 1sec min with perks from new gear?
Multiple Weapons - Questions!Depending on how many guns can be equipped, let's say you have a mi, bc and atom for example. What about making it more similar to how it is now? You fire the mi and those stats are used,
Expansion: Ships & LevelsDon't know if this is the right thread for this, but here it goes anyways. Lol What do you think about a possible ship icon that could be turned on or off for alli use. My idea would mainl
Expansion: Ships & LevelsVery interesting thought with the garage. So since I have a flayer, carrier, despo, anni and termi on my lvl 117 account, I could potentially bring all of them out at once at same lvl? The
The Game is Dead...I'm very curious to hear about some of these possible changes. Any chance Ozy could mention some so people can discuss? So instead of worrying about what people might say if they happen, p
The Game is Dead...1 thing I always thought would be nice to see, I think ozy mentioned possibly doing it awhile ago, is free jumps between blue and orange sectors. Jumping from black to rift would still cos
"Low Level" PlayersWhat if a low lvl noob was killed and was just sent to earth with no durability loss or loss of credits? Aren't worthy of cp? Then nothing taken away...... If someone kills a ship that's n
"Low Level" PlayersI wouldn't put it passed people....... Im sure there are plenty of people that'll do it just cause they can. Lol Im curious, so people have to meet both requirements now to be cp wort