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New Multiwindow ApksBumping this thread up again
New Multiwindow ApksThe lock up issue I can not fix and I will go looking for my older builds found the older builds and posted I cant seem to find any older than that so I hope it works
New Multiwindow ApksThey are up
New Multiwindow ApksIt does somewhat work however multiwindow works better if thats what you are trying to do but if you are trying to use tib and a second app that works better so I will be posting both an o
New Multiwindow ApksI can however I am not sure how well they will work I will go ahead and make and test 2 of each tommorow I guess and if they look like they might work decently I will upload them
New Multiwindow ApksBumping Thread
New Multiwindow ApksI am reuploading the origin apks later but for now I have updated Unity to work again so guys ENJOY THE MULTIWINDOW :)
New Multiwindow ApksBumping this thread up again for visibility
New Multiwindow ApksYeah someone just informed me of the same thing seems I linked the wrong ones one sec Edit: Correct APKs uploaded sorry about that
New Multiwindow ApksAPKs updated
New Multiwindow ApksSorry for the lack of updates guys I was out of the game for a bit dealing with real life stuff and I just got the ability to update stuff again so a couple of things Edit: Added list t
New Multiwindow ApksI can keep up with you guys for awhile likely its just that it takes me awhile to realize a new update has been rolled out so if I see a new update I can update it at some point
New Multiwindow ApksLooks like unless Ozy allows the game to run in the background or google allows apps to not go into background mode when multiwindowing, this mod will not work once 7.0 comes out (Sam
New Multiwindow Apksthanks baldy updating the unity apks now
New Multiwindow ApksOrigin apks Updated to work on multiwindow for all devices and to version 1.8.4