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GH guard system favors end game playersPerp, Devs / Mods are online, I notice them atleast 5 days a week. Players care too. Join a guild, some good people online, learn from them.
Guild Halls need to be defendableBrand new accounts are online everyday. They join guilds, i see positive reviews and comments from lots of new accounts. Established players help answer questions, loan out fighters for di
My top requestsI dont get it, others log on and play, no issues. No hate messages, no swearing at others, good people, good players in several guilds. Try it, join one, learn from others. Its not difficu
HUP ruined this gameSeriously Perp, get help. The other guilds defend, they work as a team. Join one and learn from their leaders, other players. Some really good people, good players. If this is not possib
Guild Halls need to be defendableSome players from Kish defended both Krazy and another guildhall, on top of defending their own. So once again, stop the hate. Join a group of players, and learn how to play.
Pure squads....All you do is post hate.
Changes before tibXYour inability to adjust, adapt and lead is the root of your issue. Throwing Mud, hate, etc.... is sad, really sad.
Mail message for UnguardingHi, Can a mail be sent to the player who placed guards, but they get unguarded letting them know, by who and when. Thanks.
My top requestsNo one is stopping you from logging but yourself. Accept responsibility, don't blame others.
X-mass Storage upgradeHI, I was wondering if for Christmas all players could get an increased storage amount, so MAX cap is higher. Just a wish list thing.
New guildhall room, the transportHello, I was wondering if a new build-able room could be added to the guild hall system. It would allow you to move a pre deployed squad to any discovered map (no enemy guild halls). This
GH guard system favors end game playersBUMP
TIB-X updateI agree and think Transfer should be added back in so players have options.
Question regarding CP and TIBX for Ozy or a ModBUMP One idea I heard was to convert all CP into a point system to purchase crafting materials. So each player can then start crafting. Eventually the CP will beused up, making the player
Question regarding CP and TIBX for Ozy or a ModHello, I would like to eliminate some of the wild rumors and speculation in regards to what we can or will be transferring into TIBX. For example combat points. What ideas are you plann