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Expansion Update & Screenshotsprobably, vr boxing came out of no-where after kickstarter funded. It is even on the front page of spellbook forum along side ron and dire
:strike Lif thats the case then lets stop discussing on ways the game needs to be fixed and wait another 2 years or a decade for tibx to be released. Every little tweak then all hell breaks loo
:strike LIf strikes were originally made to help defend garrisons, why not make it to where you can only throw strikes on allied garrisons?
:strike LI used to hc bait in grey and did a strike-bfg combo with just 1 ship killing cp worthy players on occasions before i went awol. We should all atleast agree here that thats dumb for 1 s
Old playersKickstarter backers didnt exactly get scammed. Backers still recieved bds, rp, and skulls that actually did beat black market prices. The thing is tibx is 1 year overdue from beta release
Garrison Balance SuggestionIdeas are good Reign, but we even have yet to get stats on fission or fusion drives etc.. Doubtful any high scale changes like this would happen.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Shoot, this thread was created in december 2018. Ozy has yet to even say wassup this whats going on or anything. And its now April 2019... yep #tibxisahoax
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....All i know is iv played this game way to long to the point to where its unnecessary for me to log in anymore lol done everything anyone could possibly do on game. Except hit lvl 500 .-.
Can this post get 100 dislikes!!Yea, you're right lol
One year onGreenGrouch is confirmed to be Fawful. He has chortles.
Can this post get 100 dislikes!!YO, WHAT'S SHREKIN GOOD!! 100 dislikes can we hit it on this post!? Smash that dislike button, SMASH IT LIKE YOU SMASH NPCS!! SMAHSH IT Dynasty, HS, Hive, Carpe, retaliation, Fur
wonder what effectTech timer is a mechanic Ron has where instead of using mets to heal, every ship can either heal itself or heal another ship every 9 seconds. Heal effect gets better with certain tech gear
Expansionthat doesnt make sense
Thehive hitsquad...saga!Good stuff
Could this be the next event3x cp Garrison Bust 5K cp for busting an powerful enemy alli Gaia V? ;)