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Can this post get 100 dislikes!!Yea, you're right lol
One year onGreenGrouch is confirmed to be Fawful. He has chortles.
Can this post get 100 dislikes!!YO, WHAT'S SHREKIN GOOD!! 100 dislikes can we hit it on this post!? Smash that dislike button, SMASH IT LIKE YOU SMASH NPCS!! SMAHSH IT Dynasty, HS, Hive, Carpe, retaliation, Fur
wonder what effectTech timer is a mechanic Ron has where instead of using mets to heal, every ship can either heal itself or heal another ship every 9 seconds. Heal effect gets better with certain tech gear
Expansionthat doesnt make sense
Thehive hitsquad...saga!Good stuff
Could this be the next event3x cp Garrison Bust 5K cp for busting an powerful enemy alli Gaia V? ;)
My Thoughts on SchoolyardThere's plenty of things out there you can do lol. I aswell played the game for 5 years straight, but as my total play time in tib deminishes over-time, i've gotten motivated and inspired
My Thoughts on SchoolyardDyn corp spliting from HS was their own decision. BAMF joining HS wasnt brought up till little after Dyn left. Understandable that 1 corp joining an alli made 3 left.. (EF, Murder, Terra),
My Thoughts on SchoolyardMy point with that is it is quite clear that HS is number one and Dynasty is number two. Its a fact, and there have been many times we pew out numbered to HS. We even had your alli join us
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI do not see an issue of schoolyard pew to begin with. This game has been stagnant for the past couple months; farming, invying, hunting rinse repeat, nothing more and its gotten boring ev
QUE's Ideas 1It doesnt have to be an all the time thing, it can be one of the weekend events. "Planet V takedown boost weekend event"
QUE's Ideas 1Ozy, Any possibility you can make it to where if an alli takes down a Gaia V planet of an powerful alli with over 50k kills. The offensive alliance busters get 30k cp, in addition, the who
The perfect fixYou're a genius
Congrats on Level 500 x3 mikadeth!Takes alot of effort, motivation, and dedication to get 1 account to 500. To get 3 there is insane and unprecedented. Good work Mika, keep it up!