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Fatal error in gc : "GetThreadContext failed"Try to follow to help guides in these link. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/startup-crash-fatal-error-in-gc-getthreadcontext-failed.842483/ some people tune Av
New Multiwindow Apksdownload apps on 1st page of these post...
New Multiwindow Apkslatest version is 1.2.12 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applisto.appcloner
New Multiwindow ApksOk, found new way of cloning APK files. Working better than previous one. Now it is cloning standart apk with sound available. you just need install application on your phone/tablet -
New Ship Outfittervery nice Thanks for sharing
New Multiwindow ApksThe only suggestion is too run Unity as one of client. For example i am driving 4 ship on my tablet...3 original apk and one Unity....
Server Merge - SoonDo It please :)
Durability loss taperingAn example: Single user lvl20 kill single lvl200 player 200 divided by 20 multiplied by 10 = 100% durability loss for individual upssss big bada boom :D
Roll CallPlace of Birth - Turkmenistan Current place of residence - Moscow, Russia
altcheck command:Altcheck Ozy
New Multiwindow ApksFor some unknown reasons sound not working on original client..these is why i am using 3 original client and one unity to have sound...lol
Tech xp440 hull repair = 4.4xp Pop Roid at my level = 800XP in order to get 800xp i must heal 80 000 hull...Sorry but that is absurd, I better keep roiding...
The Infinite Black - Client v3Pros 1. Multiboxing drive friendly :) (can drive each ship independently unlike to old client) Cons: 1. As it say above, Graphics, Graphics and one more time graphics - so hard to
Black ServerI like it...
Special ZonesI like it, make different color for each sector and let them move around map like roids....Christmas Map