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Different kinds of healing dronesWe all know we have reapir drone. what about we can create another healing drones from other space factions like Wyrd one will give 400 healing but have around 2min cooldown and hetroclite
Expansion UpdatesHow soon is beta testing ready?
logging off to avoid deathHey why are you all downvoting before doing that can you people please say why you dont agree. downvoting this post means you peopkle are ok with logging out to escape death
logging off to avoid deathidk why people are downvoting this post without telling reason i feel if you encounter enemy u have 1 min log out time intread of 30sec or less all he ask about a slight longer log out tim
off topic but still releated to tibcan everone just image multiboxing on this idi if posting links is allowed but no virus it is a video clip from 9gag
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Bumping this thread until we get answer from mods or above.
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!i think we should make only one sided transfer. unity not allowed to transfer to gold but gold is onlyl allowed to transfer to unity.
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!I support for gold players transferring to unity
x3 blackdollar saleOk good point
x3 blackdollar saleHello it been a long time since you SB made a x3 blackdollar sale and last time x3 bd sale was on kickstarter but i think we should need a x3 sale again.
TIB-X Map Contest FinalistsOne thing i dont really understand most of those winners on list when i look at space galaxy map you made with some different sectors and then i did compare by putting maps on into of it f
TIBX -=Map Contest 20=- Ends Friday the 12th! Heteroclite Homeworld!
TIBX -=Map Contest 19=- Ends Friday the 12th!