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Heroes of Dire Update!Yes, you told me this last year, I believe. But when you're running 8 squads it is nice to manually control one while auto AI'ing the others. This makes it difficult.
Auction House - It dictates the economyThe Auction House A player controlled auction house usually controls the market economy. But because there are NPC generated items, this changes many aspects of the economy. If you ma
Heroes of Dire Update!Some off the top of my head things... -- EXP/ascension adjustment (suggested in email) -- Crafting supplies from salvage item (Based on rarity/level/item type; no skulls) -- Guild roo
F2P - RevenueBuy to play Vs Free to Play Both methods of income have pros and cons, and can both be quite profitable depending on the type of game and its platforms. In regards to Heroes of Dire,
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeI am not sure how I feel about this. I am all for a Battle Royale mode, but turning every match into Battle Royal changes the game dynamics from a traditional Turn-Based-Strategy, forcing
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeHonestly, I do not know why there is not a daily guild upkeep to burn silver. If I was to create a mechanic, I would have each room type have a silver upkeep cost. For example (Not actual
Heroes of Dire LIVE!Increased rarity of fighters changes the range of stat rolls. For an example (Not what it is, just for demonstrating purposes), a Common Fighter Stats can range from -1 to 3. While an Unco
Average JoeHello, I read that you will be removing Common Fighters from being able to be Hired. I am not sure this is the right route to take. By removing Common Fighters all you are doing is maki
Heroes of Dire LIVE!It already is. At level 20 you can Ascension your fighter. This returns him to level 1, upgrades his rarity by 1, and gives him 0.1 to all stats.
All things silverMy thoughts on improvements (May not apply to everyone, but I think its also an issue): In all honesty, I don't think the game clearly describes what you are locked from and what you ar
Any tutorial/guide videos?The game has many features that are not implemented yet. But the game is complete in the sense that it can be fully played without feeling like there is missing features. The game will con
PvP rewardsHere I will have to disagree with you to an extent. There are many, many games that has PvP either a one item loot, or full loot mechanics. I know this is not a "hardcore" PvP game though.
Polishing potionHello EvilFrostedJ, Most items have condition ranging from 80-140. That is a ton of deaths before an item breaks at losing 1 max durability per death. Additionally, Item condition is cu
Staking/DuelingSounds like a Guild Hall feature. Make a arena type building or even have that has an option to gamble at the casino.
Halt!, who goes there?The regular loot drops for bosses already have guarantees ;-) I just changed it around a little. Also... boss loot would be random. You also have to keep in mind of the respawn timers of d