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New Multiwindow ApksBump
Rings Of Night Floating Window APKs - 2020Hey, Thank you for taking the time to fix the apps I wasn’t able to fix mine due to switching over to an iPhone from android -Legacy
IdeaLooks like my last post got deleted
Expansion update?Dude that comment was 2 years ago
New Hardcore Only ServerOzy any chance we could get a new server but for hardcore accounts only So basically No transfers No corps No fleets No names appearing No scouts Logging out takes 30 seconds Its Hardco
Event IdeaHey just an event idea ozy What about opening a new server for 24 hours once a week where there's a competition E.g Most Money Earned Most Bd Most Npc kills Most player kills
Multi window / Split Screen and Floating appMulti-Window / Split Screen and Floating App Tested on Sony Xperia XZ3 - Android 9 So I've noticed that the person who use to create the multi window apps for TIB doesn't seem to be
Any chance a mod couldI know this is probably the wrong place to do this because it's about Ron but any chance a mod could hop over to the fourm. It's not had a mod comment on it in over a month And the uni
RON unity - 15 months laterHey so it's been a while since I have last played Ron as I'm waiting for this new unity client. But I was reading over the forum and unity was first mentioned by ozy on the 03/02/2016 -
No comments by mods on RON forum for 5 monthsWell as this states there have been no comments on the RON forum for over 5 months by any mod/admin!! Here is the link OZY if you have forgotten it: https://www.spellbook.com/forum/?cat=4
RON - Unity Version or Even an update from the modsAs the title states this is about RON's unity version. Is this still happening?? there have been no posts by a mod for over 5 months Seriously the last time a mod posted about RON was on
2.5 SpaceballCould we get a visual 2.5 representation of the spaceball wheel. Unless TIB starts to make some sort of transition into a 3D type of game alot of Steam users will not like it
a simple Suggested updatedThank You Attak133. Its something that no other version of TIB has had before unity or original client and is a nice graphical designed screen. It would be something to entice players
a simple Suggested updatedSuggested update On the original IOS release when you view your own ship it shows an image of the ship and its stats. Could we have that imported to unity? along with Rotational view of