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Old playersI don’t appreciate being called old.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....I packed it in until the expansion. I figured I’d rather take a break while I still enjoyed the game rather than totally burn myself out on it. I log in every now and then to say hi to m
Have a good one TIB and SpellBookJust saw this cuz I haven’t been on the forums in forever, but good flying with you Soul. HMU on PUBG if you play.
the infinite black bordomIs Bordom a region south of Mordor? Didn’t Slayer write a song about it?
veteransYes there will be new things too, but there is a lot of great gear already in the game. And 2X bd sales are awesome.
veteransYes, new ships, new guns, new gear, new everything from what mods have said.
veteransI’ve bought plenty of bds since I started playing. You won’t lose anything by upgrading now, as all gear is supposed to transfer at “perfect” level info the expansion. At least tha
It's Time For Another Small Ship EventYes I loved this event. Busting garris in shuttles was the motts.
Gear Rank DownIt would also be great if we could de-aug commons down to ultis. I mean, I’ve told a bunch of noobs they can do that, so it’d be great if you made it true.
logging off to avoid deathMetalgirl camped me for an hour once when I logged as a noob. I managed to log back off with 300 hull or so and waited half a day before I logged back in. Good times. It’s no diff
logging off to avoid deathIf we do that I’d like to see folks stay pvp flagged for an hour after a Kill so they can’t run to gray and get safe. It amounts to the same thing so I’m sure you’re on board, Bank
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!I think he can transfer the whole server with a simple command. Why not ask him to do that instead?
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!It seems like a step backwards to write new code for server transfers when we will have a unified universe with TIB x soon. Wouldn’t y’all rather wait for something better than push th
Beta version on TiBxComplaining is a great way to get people to do their best work quickly.
Imbalance in fvf issueAlso Ozy, can you clarify the bounties dropped when someone dies? I have assumed that folks with good gear drop more credits and folks with lower level gear drop less. For example, I notic