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A TANK's PURPOSEExcept when you were doing those calculations you claimed it couldn't be done. You didn't do nova calculations because you insisted that it couldn't be done. Tanked carriers are rollin
Fresh look into bustingFirst idea that has actually addressed the true problem, end game busting. All the nova tweeks and eva/hit ect that we've been tossing out just allows us to refine what the end game is.
Carriers broke the game?Sorry, catching up from page 1, lots to laugh at there. My favorite part was where you said that you didn't build a carrier bust team because it would be unfair. That's not the reason a
Assassin engine noiseI dunno about the other platforms, but the android build has a very distinct sound for the assassin, which sounds even cooler when you add a gdrive to it.
Red Server 2015 PVP StatsNice work. Tyvm :)
Poems of the infinite black.Lol That was awesome Belle
Holiday Book Drawing!Sign me up :)
Garrison Bust and DefenceThe garry is nothing, rolls are about survival and destruction between attackers and defence. You wanna add 5 more defence guns at 3k crit per? You'll need those 20 attackers, because yo
Doubts1. Personal preference, the red one is the latest build under the Unity language in hopes of unifying the platforms. The black one is the original client built for android. Both are well u
Ozy: Steam"Red is Dead" was a failure of a business model.
Ozy: SteamI didn't say I grew that alliance, I said we allowed the alliance to grow, didn't run down and roll them out when they stepped up and brought fleets to fight, didn't hit em with everything
Map expansion (with or without merge)Code limitations, the map is as big as it can be as I understood it. Same goes for the met cap, it's capped at 127 because 128 or 129 wasn't possible to code for. This only applies for s
Ozy: SteamI see it like this: QQ on Grey: We want more people to shoot. QQ on Green and Blue: QQ one big alli runs everything and no one can stop them QQ on Red server: Why don't they leave us th
Ideal for a new feature.Buy more bds.....lots more
Because I can...That's a very good point. Hunting would go way up if the rewards were worth competing for. Currently it's just a malicious act some ppl do for lolz