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Kickstarter Progress UpdateThe new user interface for The Infinite Black Expansion is about 95% complete. We can connect to the server and play the game! The next step is to implement the universe and solar system m
UpdatesI work on the expansion every day, all day. It will be ready when it's ready. My goal is to do it well; not fast. Deadlines will be missed but I'd rather have a good game later than a b
BR modeMoney isn't the issue with advertising. The problem is the client.. It's confusing, unfriendly, doesn't work particularly well, isn't visually attractive, and too many things are through c
BR modeLess than 5% of the average online population is playing BR, maximum. I'm not sure it's impacting things as much as you might think. I do have a bigger concern though with it detracting
BR modeComing soon: Super Royale every 4 hours (25 bd / 125,000 Credits Entry Fee) Mega Royale every 12 hours (100 bd / 500,000 Credits Entry Fee) Ultimate Royale every 60 hours (500 bd / 2,5
TIB-X Interface First LookYes, there are 50 hotkeys already for pretty much everything, and it's easy to add more for any feature you guys want. We had to move our offices and servers three weeks ago, which too
BR modeI'm working on anti-collusion mechanics today.
BR modeMaybe we could launch one battle every hour, on the hour instead? I'd like to have large battles with higher entry fees -- Maybe on weekends or something?
BR modeSounds good. Will introduce a fix.
TIB-X Interface First LookIdeally we can build something like that into the new Armory website. I don't have any info about it at the moment, but we can figure something out once it's live.
TIB-X Interface First LookTHE INFINITE BLACK EXPANSION Howdy folks! A lot of players have been asking for a progress update, and wondering about our beta test status. The reason things
Expansion UpdatesAlmost all of the art is done, and all of the server code is done. What remains is to put together the client front-end, which is the graphical thing you guys see. It's still being buil
Expansion UpdatesThe group working on the VR game is not associated with the Infinite Black development team. It's being published under Spellbook. I work on TIBX all day, ever day. It's coming along we
Changes before tibXWhat change are you talking about?
TIB-X updateThe next kickstarter update in a few weeks should have some early screenshots. There hasn't been much interesting to show you guys yet because it's all network and server code. There is