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Heroes of Dire UpdateThanks for the feedback -- I'll have some announcements shortly on several of these concerns. The AI farming speed was intentionally slowed down because it was having a severe negative
Exciting.. but.. brokenYou were on the beta tester list for Google Play. Make sure to download the latest live version at
Heroes of Dire UpdateIt's been a long year but we're finally rolling out a huge update for Heroes of Dire! All platform download links are available at Thanks for your patience, and there
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readThanks for the feedback. Will see what tweaks we can make.
Heroes of Dire Update!Settings -> Gameplay -> Auto Join Battles (off)
Heroes of Dire Update!I'm really excited about the upcoming changes to HOD, and the new Dire project. We're building the hod client today and submitting it to Apple for approval. I expect we'll have it to you g
Ozy's Dev BlogWe got stuck in a surprise crisis because Google decided all apps must target the latest version of Android, or be kicked off the app store in 10 days. We're scrambling to update and re
Repair EventYes for sure. I'm down and out from back surgery but will get something started tomorrow if I can get to a computer. I didn't intend for this event to go so long, but at least it seems
ExpansionYou guys will get a chance to experience the expansion, then tell me what you think is the best way to merge existing stuff. There are a lot of new items, but it's all balanced with the ex
Ozy's Dev BlogThis has been a busy week! We're preparing to publish a major update to Heroes of Dire that adds a lot of previously promised features, bug fixes, and drastically improves the new playe
F2P - RevenueI like this idea. We'll discuss it and similar options today.
Auction House - It dictates the economyThanks for taking the time to write this up. There was originally an auction fee, but people wanted it removed. I figured it was better to have more stuff for sale than less. I don't re
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeSorry for the confusion, I meant just a collapsing play area.
Ozy's Dev BlogSteam Marketplace I ended up working on the Steam marketplace all week. Steam's interfaces are from the 1990s and very poorly documented. I basically have to make a request, blindly parse
ConsolidationTib-X has a lot in common with Rings of Night. I adopted a lot of the improved combat, economy, and defense unit mechanics from it. I am strongly considering having some kind of transfe