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Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeSorry for the confusion, I meant just a collapsing play area.
Ozy's Dev BlogSteam Marketplace I ended up working on the Steam marketplace all week. Steam's interfaces are from the 1990s and very poorly documented. I basically have to make a request, blindly parse
ConsolidationTib-X has a lot in common with Rings of Night. I adopted a lot of the improved combat, economy, and defense unit mechanics from it. I am strongly considering having some kind of transfe
TIBX Feature Request - Sever Side Friend ListAlready done, as well as ignore list, and most of your general game settings.
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeJust a thought.. What if every PvP match was Battle Royale? The edges of the map would burst into flames after X turns, and creep in 1 tile every few turns to force more aggressive play
Free to Play vs One Time PaidIf we ever made TIB a paid game, it would be more like $4.99 app store and $19.99 on Steam. You'd still have all the same challenges and goals, but the items, experience, ships, and cor
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeMost players (99.9%) never spend any money at all... Not even $1. There's a lot of people who will never play Free-To-Play games just because they're typically bad. Also our reviews got
Ozy's Dev BlogHeroes of Dire The free-to-play version of Dire doesn't generate enough revenue to pay for itself. There's not much reason to spend money on it because everything is acquired fairly easil
Ozy's Dev BlogWe have a lot of things going on behind the scenes here, but often it's not obvious to players what we're doing and why game development can take so long. I'm going to write short blog no
Dire BR/Extra PVP ModeI love Battle Royale style games and would be very inclined to create one for Dire. We had a meeting last night about HOD and Megaweapon has started working on the update. I don't want
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI always enjoy a good profanity-laced rant. We'll be doing non-corp specific PvP rules for the rest of this weekend. Feel free to participate if that's your thing, or ignore it if not.
schoolyard thingI plan on having team-based Battle Royale, which will provide a lot of what people are looking for here. My time was consumed this week with writing the interface for Steam item transac
My Thoughts on SchoolyardEveryone was welcome to participate, and nobody lost anything by choosing not to. Let's all relax and enjoy life.
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI don't have any details about what that conversion might mean. Nobody would ever lose anything, however. If anything your stuff would become much more valuable. Free-To-Play games with
My Thoughts on SchoolyardIt'll be fun times. There are some radically different mechanics in the expansion, but it will ultimately be a better game. There's 8 years of feedback and player concerns behind the up