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STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSThis is too good to be true. 2nd time bamf gives up. What a pleasant suprise.
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSThe smell of tears has led me here today. *sniff sniff* oh i see what causes it. Swat is back on the forum
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSNo i got pissed off because you claim that all we talk about is nerfing novas while not bringing up any other solutions, which isnt true. Once again, READ. At this point i get the idea th
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSSee this^? This is what im talking about. We have given ideas/solutions that adress all/most imbalances. Nerf nova, special intradictor, resist buffs. Or do you deny that we have give
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSPlease quote where i said that traditional defence works against tanked carriers. Once again if you READ you would see that i have said that both tanked carriers and novas are imballanced
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSSo youre complaining because both were not mentioned in one post? Really bruv? Really? Thats your reason? Im done here. Cant argue with stupid.
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSMihhuu i think you have some difficulties with reading. Suggestions to neutralize one of the imbalances (a bust team of carrier tanks) has already been brought up, BY ONE OF HS ALLY. Yet y
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSIt seems like reading is not the strong suit for most people here. Maybe its actually lack of intelligence or maybe its plain stubborness, who knows? Xariol has already brought up a nic
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSI like this. Maybe make it so that when ships are pvp flagged you cant see setups. Not only on engagements. 1 to this idea
New alliance credit sinkI think im missing a point here. Yes its indeed ridiculously expensive, but wouldnt your own idea cost your own alliance more money aswell? You will have to pay the deploying costs the c
New alliance credit sink10k per day per garrison rank is a ridiculous price. Also what about nano's? It wont be worth it anymore to keep them up at such a rate. People will stop deploying nano's. And bamf and h
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSWW. I think you miss an important part. On the other subjects not all sides agreed that it was broken. Now there is something broken which we all agree on, and you decide to be a childi
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSInstead of buying bds you people shouldve put that money into penis enlargements, jesus. The cock measuring in here is ridiculous at this point. Garry busting at this point is broken,
make busting and defense decent againI got it! Dont blame HS for tanked carriers, dont blam Barf for nova defence or OP XXX kismet defences. I say lets all blame ozy! Problem solved. Youre welcome
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSI love the vibe in here. Hatred, hatred, and more hatred. Damn i live for this shit.