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Guild Hall DefenseSiege mechanism. Stops individual players from just running in, gives actual rewards. Doesn't solve the arms race dilema. Attacking guild selects 3 times from a list, defenders select
Lets be frankHi Frank I agree that ascension is kind of I guess broken. It is a never ending arms race, one i can't be bothered to join in. If ascension bonuses were removed and you simply had rarit
Trying to add 2000x leather disconnects gamecheers
Trying to add 2000x leather disconnects gameRead the title, it is pretty self explanatory.. Tried lots of times, each time it just disconnects and that is it.
New Archer AbilityDoes no one do the tutorial? Archer has 2 special abilities. They can move through allies, they also have the volley skill that allows them to volley with ranged weapons that do not hav
Damage Balance TweaksYes multiple time, just like ive beaten you. The whole thing that ended with Ibsen getting Justin fighters was him and Ace putting together dual and even tri hero squads with champions
Damage Balance TweaksIbsen if you are losing with the fighters Justin gave you, the problem isn't the game, the problem is you. You should be able to flawless pretty much every fight in the game with those fig
Quest difficultyI defeated the level 31 leader today, I didn't even have all level 20's and most of my guys are still human apprentices, the difficulty is fine, but then again it was fine before. The only
+dmg does not speed up pvpAs many people would know, I already used a fairly defensive setup before the changes. I have been playing around on the 31st floor of the tower with a few different strategies. The mos
Damage Balance Tweaks150% damage does nothing but reward a person who has a large stat advantage and a lucky roll. I would perhaps say 120% as the cap, give leaders and deities a higher cap just to keep the d
+dmg does not speed up pvpThe problem is that the hero is always going to be the best tank because they have the best stats. You need 1 stat to be good at offense, you need 4 stats to be good at defense. I thin
Guild PvP ChangesI've had many nice conversations with Kish members, even after we have fought in the arena. Most of the time my interactions with HUP are being accused of cheating or being called a coward
Guild PvP ChangesI keep seeing HUP complain about AI guards, but in all my time raiding HUP, I have had 1 large fight that was a majority against AI, and that was against low level guards. It is almost
Skull FarmingThanks for the laugh Kisk
DM auctionsThis is my biggest concern. Entry to guild vs guild PvP is already high. When I first started just having high level apprentice humans was enough. I still have some of the lvl 20 human