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Technician experienceTonto I really like that one…it seems that solution to tech xp is the cleanest. If someone did the math to find on average how much less xp techs get to determine the bump in xp given by
names visible on map during gbAs much as I agree with this it seems like you (Tonto) only wish for changes that benefit you. I proposed that garrisons shouldn't be scout able to nonhc and you shoot it down…until we u
Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?I will confirm I too have been experiencing this. I also can confirm the time taken for npc to pull (which you had previously turned down) seems to be quite quick now. I can provide one ex
Technician experienceJust add in an xp system that grants a small xp bonus off healing ships other than your own. That's what techs main job is anyway so why not reward them xp from heals instead of NPC kills.
rift drillsI was more so thinking some of the stats aren't represented…for example stun duration. I just wanna see the ability to make all combinations out of all items. The reason I bring up stun
Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?Pretty sure they did...I died farming u6 in a cyto which I hadn't even come close to doing since I started farming up there.
rift drillsThere is a splash drill I think its v9...also dcd is a size not a type. Id like to see drills with the same type of boost as the rift type stors. Id also like to see some stats like stun d
Easter Eggs, Daily Drops, Random Stuff 1 to this.
rift drillsI was wondering a few things. One why is there no rift type drills that are a tad better in stats like the storages and guns and comps are. And also...why no stun duration drill? These 2 t
NonHC On Enemy GarriI don't think allowing non-hc ships on enemy garrisons is very balanced. The only real reason you'd find an enemy ship at your garrison is to scout gear and techs for busting them. That is
Scouts and StealthsYes…that player was gavino so I'm sure he will tell us. I doubt he took it off though cause he knew I was out hunting…I could be wrong though I guess.
Scouts and StealthsI have noticed that I can follow some people with stealths on and some I cannot. I know that my scout has to be the same rarity or better to see them but I also thought this applied to fol
Cheating NPCSI have still been having issues with grap and stun. It seems to be a timing thing kinda like the double deaths. I notice that if a jump is made as grap or stun is happening…like you see
Counter for days in a Corp.Yes id like to see only xp from log in bonus...the money version has the potential for major abuse by someone running a multibox setup on a computer. If I had 25 alts making 100 creds a da
Logs for 9:30 to 10:30This is the part of the logs I was focused on I just didn't know the exact time of the engagement. If you guys want to make a thread about DUMBnoob be my guest…that's not exactly what th