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TIB ThemeThis song slaps. Ozy you should make it one of the themes in tib. Have it start when you're in an garrison engagement or in an invasion.
Y'all didn't know?Oh well, my fault for investing money on a product where i wont get anything in return instead of investing money on smarter things where i could get benefited from. Oops
Y'all didn't know?If y'all didn't know you be livin under tib roids but Battle Royale is TibX
Old clientBattle Royale is tibx
Best quotes ever!"It's not gay if there is no eye contact" - Anonymous
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Thats a good idea for dipshits. People rather battle royale then have missions. What a shame
Add in Missions for TibThrow in some missions in tib to keep people logging in and not bored. Individual missions can be something like: (Kill X Number Npcs, kill X number of Invasions, kill X Number of CP wort
Just my viewPlease throw in missions with bd rewards if completed. Should be just as easy if not easier then the creation of br. Corp Missions Alli Missions Individual Missions
WTT BR for TibXMore dislikes = more cowbell, keep them coming Still wtt BR for TibX
The Mikadeth BR experiece!!right
Removing Cords In BrBest to remove br all together
WTT BR for TibXNeed more dislikes pls
WTT BR for TibXWtt BR for TibX
Why 2x xp Invy/rifty should be permanentAfter 2x xp was taken down for br event. A fair hand full of ppl want the 2x xp back. None of us has given an explanation why we were just demanding it. Well, im gonna change that in this
X2 EXP EVENTgot a petition to support that claim?