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Event Update, Please!I still think double cp should be for a acutal event not permanent like holiday weekends etc. not a bad opinion to have but the point is a lot of people have a a lot of cp and we have had
Event Update, Please!We just had 2 fvfs yesterday and there’s a lot of cp floating around in game there are people with over a million cp. we had x2 for so long it’s probably best it’s only for special o
Thanks for fixing the leaderboards!Sadly that’s not a easy fix it’s been around for years now and it’s a isssue with the code that makes everyone 2.5. The only way to prevent it is to have driver with ulti stealth. If
Thanks for fixing the leaderboards!Thanks it’s nice to have them back! Discord is cool too but let’s be real if someone as old as griz can use discord you can too! He still remembers when chat was inscribed on stone!
New idea: Earth 2Also what would really help new players would be fore people to get alts list easier bamf we still have players that are not given alt lists and it’s problematic Cuase everyone is parano
New idea: Earth 2Not having access to Gaia is a redundant problem atm with engagements disabled there’s 5-6 deployed right now. Would rather see new gear new npcs and new content in general.
4x4 for next eventNew npcs with new mechanics and gears would be awsome. And maybe another map that is harder too. Make it can’t be soloed and would need a full stack to kill not able to be soloed by one
Thanks for Whatever You Did to Balance the Game Last WeekendYou forgot the part where your ally was up over 20 ships every single pew.... but right that’s why you did well......yet your ally still broke but ok griz. You guys did well Cuase you pu
event suggestionEveryone here gets through that. The best you can do is find a good Corp and make friends farm with etc and learn from them.
event suggestionThat is exactly what I am doing putting the problem you put at our feet back to yours. Everyone has had to over come this normally helps if the other ally exists and a deterrent to hunts.
event suggestionRift is worst we hunt rift a lot more cp is irrelevant. If some run into they will kill Cuase they can. Furthermore doing so will not fix the fact half of the player base are in 2 failed a
2020 PVP Stats?You where that would be dyna ally remember when you and your buds rolled millions of cp off the rest of us and killed 2 ally’s? Last years pvp stats show it all.
2020 PVP Stats?Many can tech faster then that legit so it would effect legit players. Why nerf techs for everyone so people like you can script freely?
2020 PVP Stats?There’s a video on yt that shows you tech scripting with over 400 views! And that’s not the only time you even tech script while roiding! Ya your acutally that lame. No one in tib will
2020 PVP Stats?Tad bit harsh to blame bamf for everything. The game is what you make of it. If you want to be like others and cry bamf did this and that and we can’t fleet them. That additude got half