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Have a good one TIB and SpellBookYou will be back ( they always come back) TIB is life ! But until then . Bangarang my dude !!! Cheers !
TIBX Currency .Hello . their has been some talk about TIB currency and how it will translate over to TIBX . Questions like the following . Will we still have bd ? will their only be credits ? will we
Expansion UpdatesLet me restructure my comment here . As you may know many TIB players are concerned about this new game that has been published by or under SB. Realistically we understand SB doesn't need
Map Contest #5 - Ends Halloween!yes he did , i did a side by side comparison it does indeed appear to be the case. Mods please review this.
Tfing Event !!!!Greetings ! make it short and sweet here ! We haven't had a Tfing/ research event in some time, was wondering if we could get one going? help us folks prepare garrisons for tbx !
Map Contest #5 - Ends Halloween!This map was purely Artistic , has no control sectors
TIB-X Map Contest #4 (closes on Monday October 30th)I'll be looking forward to seeing that lol
TIB-X Map Contest #4 (closes on Monday October 30th)Yep looks like North Venom Korea Griz Jung un :p
TIB-X Map Contest #4 (closes on Monday October 30th)Here is my submission for map number 4. I wanted to build a map again that is pvp driven yet has an Intriciate value that can hold practical application and maintain the artistic display f
TIB-X MAP DESIGN CONTEST #3 (ENDS 10-25)OK here my map . My inspiration for this map is to promote PVP. I wanted a map where anyone coming from all three gates would be forced to cross paths on a star line .so one could in esse