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Offline playthanks for answering!!
Alpha Bug Testing - Post Here!!The tavern doesn't seem to always load all the objects on pc and Android.
Offline playSo I found the plot missions today (I know it took me a while) any way they could be made playable offline as well?
a good watch/clockI never claimed to be smart lol. I'm sure Ozzy has a sense of humor though lol
a good watch/clockheDude Tonto was never known to be very smart..../quotepost] I never claimed to be smart lol. I'm sure Ozzy has a sense of humor though lol
a good watch/clocklets start a GoFundMe for ozzy a new watch and clock for the office. less than 30 mins downtime was over 15 mins ago lol
TIB News and Server MergeThe people who want a less active more farming server just come to gold :) work your way into the pvp
Deconstruction meritslook at the item before decon, the rp value is based off credit value of the item. i dont remember the exact math i just remember that was how it worked
Gaia I now we need flayers!!!Ozzy: oh good job guys. You did that quick. Let me just type this code in so you can buy them........... 6 months later.......... All done. Now buy a carrier Lol
FIRST ORDER!!now to hit gaia 2 so we can get what we worked so hard on gaia 1 for lol. flayer rp
Gaia I now we need flayers!!!assassins opened up in the bd menu. guess we will just have to keep tfing
Gaia I now we need flayers!!!can we please get the rp option for flayers unlocked on gold now? we busted ass to get to Gaia I and no rp option :(
FIRST ORDER!!thank you!!!!! and Gaia 1 in 20 hours!!!!!!!!!
Bug with alliance on goldHow come when I invite a corp it says that Spellbook gold is inviting them.
Bug in gold serverThanks ozzy