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Alt namesHe...hehehehe...you wanna know my alt's names? 1.)Vralin 2.)Truth 3.)Lie 4.)Tetragon 5.)TetragonHC 6.)Ygensand 7.)AshGrey 8.)Gear 9.)V0000 10.)Paladin81
Green ServerFirst statement I would like to make: I am not a native to Green server. I began playing TIB a while back on Grey, what I have now learned is the heavy-duty PvP server, and not just the on
CSV of all Equipment v1.1.0Was looking for this. I think I downloaded tib several times over before I realized it wasn't doing it for me.
Additional ReportsThey should have all this information available anyway, on the servers, since I once got a list of all player trades I had ever completed from cust. service...so is it just a matter of add
Non Hc in Unis 6 and 7PvP is supposed to be an extra thing standing in your way, however...I don't like PvP in it's concept. You pit players versus players and there is always going to be some hard feelings abo
Scenario IdeaOn a somewhat deeper scale, why don't different factions already fight each other? It makes sense, pirates are human too, so why would the wyrds spare them from eTERNAL aGONY?
To the developersI can't think of a good reply that properly conveys my feelings on this, so suffice to say that brace yourselves, I'm comin' home. Two reasons why: 1 is that there are really no other d
To the developersI already uninstalled RoN...I'm going back to school soon and I'm not going to sit around all day thinking about a game not even the devs care about. However, I gotta say...I will miss the
So What's Happening.Just about any game out there that allows artificial acceleration into the gameplay without adding in an equal amount of time spent required is gonna get broken. Basically? If you can c
invasion dropsnyway, if I'm getting confused over nothing and it's just a mental issue I'm not medicated for yet, then the solution would still be to lower the roll requirement on invasions.
invasion dropsO thanks Cluub. Well in THAT CASE,...wait, if the npc has a chance to drop seven items, and there's ONE per rarity...there's no way you could have 2 or more of the same rarity, unless t
Grappling CooldownI love that none of the devs have commented on this yet. thanks for helping me keep it live lekiffer.
larger stat increases for rarityBalance is important.Without it, we have imbalance. and that leads to three things. qq, lower population, and more walleting.
So What's Happening.Hmm... No nano= We have to be more adaptable. With Nano= Overall the game becomes less about getting to a certain degree of gear and maintaining it and more about actually gaining....o
outpost squaresWhy not have this restricted by members? You can only have 1 outpost per certain number of members? This would be helpful against using alt corps, and also against powerhouse corps who hav