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Expansion update?Same :-)
*WARNING!!! INCURSION ALERT!!!*I don't understand
Unannounced Repair EventsI would just like to say a big thank you to Spellbook on behalf of Hive for our super sneaky repair that you gave us pre-warning for but not Dynasty. It's much appreciated. Our nova
Unblock Kieran’s Ship Outfitter IPPretty please :-)
Old playersI love tib too. Can't remember the last time a cluster got rolled. It became a stalemate.
Development Server. 1 :-)
Infinite discord server.
Could this be the next event#RAKE TIB GREAT AGAIN
Infinite discord server.
Thehive hitsquad...saga!Absolutely hilarious :D
The Infinite Black meet up (UK)Hello! A few of us are organising a TIB player group meet up in the UK for early 2019. If you would like more information and to take part in the discussion feel free to join our discord
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI've never seen someone so utterly adamant on shooting themselves in the foot. You're literally that guy in the bicycle meme who rams a stick in his own spokes, falls over and then bla
My Thoughts on SchoolyardHey SpeX, Alts aren't allowed on the same team, it is something that the teams actively monitor. We had to kick someone the other day who tried this. If anyone has any other queries
My Thoughts on SchoolyardILY
Battle RoyaleOK well I've never had disconnection problems before. But since BR my phones dc alot. Sometimes just one, sometimes both at the same time. If anyone has any suggestions I could try