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What is in a name?Xanathos... Slightly different spelling from the main antagonist in the show Gargoyles (Xanatos), which was my favorite cartoon as a kid. Also a different spelling for the Greek mytholo
My Thoughts on SchoolyardYou hit the nail on the head, man. Thank you.
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpZeus, I haven't seen you in a single schoolyard fleet, so you can't possibly make a credible statement on how long it takes to rebalance if numbers and/or firepower get misaligned. It
schoolyard thingI like the Team BR idea, honestly. Mythra did leak that Ozy had previously been working on a code for it. I don't see the random gear set thing working... Maybe if he did the lvl 100 ti
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventAlso, you guys can reach me outside of TIB on Kakao Talk and Discord. Kak ID: Xanathos Discord tag: Xanathos#8829 Here's looking forward to a fun weekend. :)
New Multiwindow ApksI don't suppose anyone has found a way to multi box on iPad yet? Stupid iOS...
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!It really hasn't... That's been maybe 30-40 ships and even fewer warm bodies getting together. It's been fun... But still nowhere near Gold at its peak. Lots have still elected to leave G
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!At this point, I'm all for that, too. Likely, it would be WAY easier to just merge Gold over into Unity and far less time consuming. As long as I can keep my unity-unlocked ships and my
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!I'm cool with that too... Lots of us just feel trapped over there now. Several have already quit due to the lack of activity there, and it's only getting worse the longer this goes on.
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Ozy was on for a bit last night and said he's planned to add a bunch of new content that wasn't outlined in any of the KS updates previously... So that most recent expected release of Jan/
Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!... Gold has finally died out and become largely boring. Us PvP-centric players there are bored to tears now, and many have quit or gone dormant while waiting for the TIB-X release which,
Multibox on Samsung Note 8...Anyone still have links to the android multi window clients? Tired of toting around a phone and a tab to run my two accts...
Alliance and corp sizesThe corp caps sound near identical to green server... I didn't stick around there long. How was green at its peak?
Gold PVP 12/18/2016Tied for 1st in deaths yesterday. Wow. Y'all Biohazard guys really didn't like me much, huh? Lol