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Please Start New Server from ScratchHave you heard the good word. Our lord and savior The Infinite Black 2 hath cometh! Course its down now, stay tuned, july 1st (give or take 2 more days) :D
Event Update, Please!Better idea. Set a whole bunch of random changes for an event. Don't say what they are. Enjoy the chaos! Like anything goes... Maybe you try and bust a planet at a certain
Current No Show EventUh... Almost all other games adjust things over time. Some do it and add new stuff. Then adjust things again.
New idea: Earth 2Alt lists are completely useless. Only way to avoid spy paranoia is to have the dipshits running spies to stop.
Current No Show EventCredits are basically the cost of your time. Or you can buy bds and trade them for credits. 25 mil, 50 mil, whatever. 25mil gets you an extra special. It needs adjusted. maybe not 50/5
New idea: Earth 2Have an idea that might be neat. Drop a planet in Rift blue. Start it as a dead world. Then the entire server has to terraform it up to gaia V. Then hold a vote on forums or in game
Current No Show EventThrow this in a new one here. The idea of adding things that you can use CP for is to make it so there's more to tibs economy. If we add things that can be purchased with Reward Po
Current No Show EventThings have changed man. Plus during that whole time both major allis could be deployed for weeks at a time. Both sides could get cp. Then hooks became useless. That was the start. Then
Current No Show EventOh man that could be fun with the gun thing Maybe make it an option. You can spend combat points to boost your firepower next shot for 500cp but it gives you chance at taking reflected
Current No Show EventThanks for pointing out you don't understand absolutely anything about the balance of the game. Clearly changes are needed. There are plenty of people on bamf side that do like the cha
Potential game adjustmentsWe don't need huge changes. These would be decent to start. Let's work through some ideas here. These are similar to event ones. 1. Shows become limited somehow. Maybe make them co
4x4 for next eventNeed to make a lot of adjustments to game first. This would just let the super actives surge even farther ahead. End result would be an even more dicked up server. Plenty of other solut
Current No Show EventSo you'd rather have the game shit out. Just ride it into the ground? I know more people that like the changes then don't. Average people online went up over double what it usually i
2020 PVP Stats?Yeah I dicked up a few times trying to figure out how things work. Guess what though. Not once was I part of a group that made sure nobody else could deploy or do anything until the ga
2020 PVP Stats?The dumb part is you guys know exactly what you're doing. Saying it's "the way the game was intended to be played". Just because you have a car that can do 200mph doesn't mean you dri