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Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!how would this nullify novas as defense vs carrier tanks ? you need to wear an adv shields, how you going to do that and be a carrier tank. i'll wait for your response. going to assu
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Oh wait got an idea dipshits should like. Make battle Royale mandatory. When it's not on everyone is forced to do schoolyard pew.
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Give adv shields ability to resist or nullify novas If rarity of shields is equal to Nova then it does 50% less damage and Nova can't chain to cripple. If rarity of shields is lower than
The Mikadeth BR experiece!!Or how about end Br and do something not stupid that's being milked for bds by a few people?
About to hit 2 years since the TibX Kickstarter...Yeah, tib is dead! Long live tib! Lol
Request for a change in events.Nobody needs another couple thousand random ass ur and leg items. Xp would be nice again.
Memorial Day Weekend Event?There's an entire alliance that wouldn't try and bust an actual cluster if each garrison was worth 2million cp. Need to give them some sort of incentive. Maybe finally try some rando
Battle royalLiterally anything else!!
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X2 EXP EVENTI've killed some boss and dread reapers outside rifites. There's definitely a boost on them. If I can find any tonight I'll try and get some accurate numbers
TIB Lottobump
Battle royalCould just make it a 1v1 arena at this point. Might get enough people to play it.
anyone know of an app that tracks spaceball rolls?I was so close to predicting the random numbers. I was only off by a few each time. Derp
One day event.Most corps have maybe 2 or 3 boxers on at a time is all. Nevermind an alliance that at active times might have 10 individuals.
One day event.Good idea for like 2 or 3 years ago.