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My Thoughts on SchoolyardLets go over some points here. Why? We have too much CP! So ruining the market for the rest of the game is ok with you. everything Tib offers us Which if you take away fvf and rele
Positive Experiences on Schoolyard PvPThis just in "cat is pleasantly surprised to find their food bowl full of delicious treats".
My Thoughts on Schoolyardwould make a whole lot more sense to scrap the whole schoolyard 2 garrison garbage and just make the whole server 1% dmg on death and 3x cp. this would be a good event that would more f
schoolyard thingTake note. What was the last well received change. Gear change. Any change you make that appears to have a one sided benefit is going to cause shit. Like merge or schoolyard p
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTEveryone here is just arguing for more of the same old shit. How about you come up with something that'll actually make the game interesting again. Right now its mostly just the die
schoolyard thingschoolyard pew is just more of the same in a different package. It's like throwing a bandaid on a plate of ground beef and saying "there you go cow, good as new". Personally I'd like t
Hardcore Mode EventOk hear me out here. Do a week long event of it. Give hardcore ships a huge defense and attack bonus that goes up with level. HC's start at lvl 5. (so can wear UC stuff if you want a
schoolyard thingThat could work. Would be easier for him to just randomly change a bunch of stuff about tib. Make some guns do weird stuff. How some gear works. Don't even tell the server. Let us figure i
schoolyard thing1. its random. every ship could have all the same gear except some specific stuff in their garrison that can be shared out. or found in their start sector. 2. its a sandbox . some peopl
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpso we're pretending this never happened on gold server and its a new idea?
schoolyard thingsame shit can happen as is. provide ideas to improve it or go play whatever game you actually play cause you don't play tib.
other maybe easy ideaFor a weekend event. Level cap all garrison sectors during a bust at sub lvl 100. - the level needs to be low enough to render a fleet of carrier tanks unable to produce enough
schoolyard thingoh and make it a special event thing only so it doesn't totally kill regular pvp.
schoolyard thingJust use battle royale code to make schoolyard pew. 1. Everyone stripped naked and toss into lvl 100 flagship (or give them all a standard set minus specials) 2. Randomly put in to one o
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpHow about this. Address the problem that has lowered the number of people playing and set the server out of balance in the first place. Yes i know Tibx is coming. Instead of schoolya