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More Mechanic Changes As Special Events, Please!Been pushing changes like this for a long time. Games circling the drain so it's not going to hurt.
1% dura loss eventHow about no. It is a nice event but cutting cp gain is not a fun time. Don't think everyone wants to line up and fire wildly at each other for 4 hrs to get anywhere. Making cp market
New mapNew map could be fun. Be nice to have the dumb shit black map changed at least.
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...Yeah Griz I get it some people have smaller garrison. But it doesn't address the fact defenders can pop 32k effective hulls if they get their shit together. Plus they'd have to be novas t
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...Get bent on the titan Gb idea. It's barely doable as is. 3x garri Cp isn't causing the constant rolls its just a nice bonus. How about zero cp for kills by carriers to spice things
Encourage activity?I'm aware getting defenders is tough. It's also far from impossible. Main thing is game needs to change. Been saying it for years now. More than enough good ideas out there.
Encourage activity?It's already challenging and would be next to impossible versus a decent defense team
Encourage activity?Dear shortsighted nitwit, The repair events being gone will in no way stop you being rolled daily. Not will getting rid of 3x cp for garrison engagements. In fact they will increas
Where did the forums go?what about all those tibbers who were looking for a great deal on viagra? :)
Welcome to the secret forums!For people saying its just an oversight or mistake. <!-- <li><a href=""><p>Forums</p></a><
Welcome to the secret forums!Hardcore tib fans only now.
4th of July eventA good event would be permanent removal of BR.
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!how would this nullify novas as defense vs carrier tanks ? you need to wear an adv shields, how you going to do that and be a carrier tank. i'll wait for your response. going to assu
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Oh wait got an idea dipshits should like. Make battle Royale mandatory. When it's not on everyone is forced to do schoolyard pew.
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Give adv shields ability to resist or nullify novas If rarity of shields is equal to Nova then it does 50% less damage and Nova can't chain to cripple. If rarity of shields is lower than