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Shake upCurrent political state of tib is mildly rocky. Should lead to a decent amount of pew in following week. Repair event would be good. Knock cp up to 3x in black. 3x garrison engagements
teaserAll ideas are stupid and won't happen unless it's something lame brained like school yard pew.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Red is dead.
Need more Credit Sink.And yeah I screwed up editing sentences back there. Meant things are same price as before or cheaper so credits are fine.
Need more Credit Sink.It's the bds VS credits thing. 4k for a bd has been standard for some time Goes up to 5k and we see posts like yours. Before it was an issue with too many credits. Credit sink
Need more Credit Sink.Way to be clueless on in game economy. Credits aren't devalued right now. Bds just went up. If credits were devalued then shit would be Cheap on ah. Instead stuff is as expensive as ever o
Need more Credit Sink.Fix gb. Then people. Might play then might buy bds
Christmas Event?No other work around exists except surprise hit. Anything but a tank is guaranteed death.
Christmas Event?Every dipshit shoots down nerfing tanks and novas. Should have been done 2yrs ago and tib wouldn't be shitting out like it is. To everyone who made a carrier tank to bust or 1hp Nov
Christmas Event?Good Xmas event. Novas useless on gb Tanks used on Gb function as uc tanks 5x cp for garri busting
Christmas Event?Ozy going to put coal in our banks
New holiday eventSounds lame. Xp bonus is where it's at. Current event is good. Maybe add 3x Xp for rift invasions or Boe drops. Make cp higher in invasions. Forces even numbers.
Carrier and flagshipWhat does that even mean? By same ep rating?
Expansion update?I'm good with waiting. I like tib.
Could this be the next eventTack tf bonus onto current event.