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iPhone 8 Plus ConnectivityWhat connections are listed in the apn for that network. Might not have default or internet or whatever one tib is looking for
The Help For the Revival of Tib, and the stop of a shutdown thoughtHow does the person with the best ah get the loot. First time laying tib?
BR modeif you think about it. it would take more than one person changing reviews and more than one person telling other people to change theirs so... alliance
BR modeAlliance
BR modeYou ever do anything but whine dcube.
The Help For the Revival of Tib, and the stop of a shutdown thoughtLet's do the time warp agaaaaain!
Lost my login infoemail [email protected] they'll help you out
Merge us alreadygreat mentality. doesn't even pay enough attention to know its happened or the consequences. but yeah woo!
Small ship eventIf there has to be a small ship event can you make it flagship and below. Give wyrd invader a little love.
Technician Tutorials? Easiest way to learn is just to ask in game.
It's Time For Another Small Ship Eventmake the little shit ships worth more cp too this time. don't really care to see the giant stacks of alt ships roaming around again. especially with events going on for months at a tim
HELP !!!THE AGONY !!!WE ARE DIEING !!!!!!!omgz!! wtfbbqkitten!!
*BATTLE ROYALE* The combat to end all combathappened before. it's actually kind of annoting waiting for a respawn. lol
the infinite black bordomfarming is super fun right now. log yer fleet on. sit in grey collect show bds.
It's Time For Another Small Ship EventI don't know. that was a pretty annoying event and given how long events last now i'd rather not. Maybe do an event where the lower ships get a specific bonus that makes them useful.