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Expansion update?I'm good with waiting. I like tib.
Could this be the next eventTack tf bonus onto current event.
Could this be the next eventUm. Because then defense could be something other then whoever has most tanked carriers or 1hp novas wins. As it is unless a star port is on a garrison alliances don't even try to bus
wonder what effectNot sure what ya mean?
Could this be the next eventMake it for xvii to xx garrisons only. Ban tanks and novas from engagement sectors and I'm ok with this
ExpansionEasy answer is don't let the two mingle much. Level cap off lower areas. At the same time give them something to do that the higher level guys can't do well. Farming items in lower
New event ideaMaybe put one of the old maps back in with space lanes again. Switch rift and black for that matter.
Gold Server Players Not Showing Up On Armory SiteOr get daily kills to show when one server kills another instead of just noob. Like red server guy kills gold server guy. Both lvl 100 cp worthy. If the gold servers guy red serve
New event ideaIf you can't turn off busting put dura loss for Gb at 10% for event. The whole everyone has stealth would be nice too. Then gdrives, neutrons and whatever can be used to drive for l
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readXp boost in all invasions won't help you as much as you'd like. It tends to end up with massive amounts of "high end" players swarming the black invasions for profit. Then the hunts in tho
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readYou have suggested no middle ground, you just complained that the event was unfair to people who haven't put time,money or a combination of the two into the game. I did the level a ship
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readFalse. Been there done that. Don't need a termi and don't need Ur gear. Drove a stack of flayers who were quite helpful into a rifty just recently. Try not getting kicked out o
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readyou can't afford a rare carb xiii and a stealth ? you are doing tib wrong.
To Ozy in regards to the current event plz readHeck make it 6x cp but only in rifties. Chaos!!
Repair EventYou do not need to be top end to handle a rifty.