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The Infinite Black Expansionlol should post a daily changelog ozy day 112 still looking for typo in 4 million lines of code
It's Time For Another Small Ship EventI don't know. that was a pretty annoying event and given how long events last now i'd rather not. Maybe do an event where the lower ships get a specific bonus that makes them useful.
Merge us alreadywhich. if this wasn't a game where you could do that. it would have died off long ago like most games do. Thankfully there are a lot of multi boxers who will gladly fill in the missing
Merge us alreadydidn't say they financed the game. remove all the alt ships from your alliance. see what you're left with.
Merge us alreadyThis is false as hell. If it wasn't for people multi-boxing the game wouldn't be around. You think a game like this would managed to hold single ships logging in to do something at all
so... about the MOTDThe MOTD for tib currently shows 100% gear repair monda 2x cp 2x cp for invasions. Is that just leftover from last week or is it for now. The way people are fighting you'd think it was
logging off to avoid deathI feel like you just want it to get cheap kills and then hide in blue or grey. if that's what you're going for then suck it up and deal with logouts. nothing stopping you from sitting
logging off to avoid deathI'm ok with people logging out to escape death. Like mithraeus said. If you remove or limit logging out to escape death. Also remove being able to hide in grey/blue to escape retaliation.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Fun TIB Eventlevel cap garrison engagements at lvl 30 or 100 or something
Question regarding CP and TIBX for Ozy or a ModHopefully crafting or better sounding engineering isn't easy at all. Have recipes that you can only learn from an npc over time. A really long time. Then they stop giving you any crafting
TIB-X updatesome of us might find network and server code interesting. we can complain about your code structure and such. lol
Altsmight just encourage people to connect from more than one ip address to get the bonus. always a workaround.
TIBX -=Map Contest 21=- Ends Friday the 12th! Wyrd Homeworld!
TIBX -=Map Contest 20=- Ends Friday the 12th! Heteroclite Homeworld!
TIBX -=Map Contest 19=- Ends Friday the 12th!