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GB FiX - The dead horseThat and it was pretty broke a few times before that as well. People just have short memories.
GB FiX - The dead horseNeed to go back to the big gear update that never got tweaked
:strike LOook. If you make it so novas can't go off from deflected damage bounced at them then that'd be one thing. If you were going to nerf them at all. I'd make it so the strike damage landi
Event updateYeah. 3x xp rifty, 3x cp garri and garri kills 3x cp rift invasion kills Do small chance boe drops off dread hive/seed/stronghold Then fire up titan ship event for black invasion
:strike LFirst off. I don' t have an 11k hull matter inverter x setup. I do have a 7.5k or so 2.0 matter inverter set. Still crits for around 1500. That's part of the 2.0 setup i made up so i ca
:strike LNot saying it doesn't happen. Just saying that it isn't unavoidable. I've seen a 20 invy stack get wiped out without strikes and with. If 2 or 3 ships wipe out a rifty team. That rifty
:strike LYou can't just drop strikes and destroy a hunt stack. It requires skill. I just watched 3 boxers run 20 ships (that you are part of) harass a group of people all morning. Running to
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Not a Simpsons fan I see.
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.If everything is going well and we have nothing to worry about... Give us no sign.
:strike LThey easy counter to strikes is don't be in the strike zone. Also, the amount of them you can use is limited. Adapt and work around them. You're looking to make it easier for yourself to
:strike LNo you don't get it. Was a hunt stack geared to kill. Came at a much smaller stack that was prepared. End result was their dumb asses getting killed. If it wasn't for strikes it would
:strike LAgain. Straight up had this happen to rifty team I was driving. At the end of it the attackers lost 11-0. Just need to be aware of your invasion and keep yer guys notified of procedure.
:strike LThis isn't a hypothetical to me. Corp actually has a rifty survival plan in place. It works. Hell it'll keep 5 ships alive vs 17. Might even get kills. Rifty stacks tend to be beam h
:strike LBusters best move eight now is watch a team of defenders too accustomed to nova def fail hard. Lol
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsOh yeah. You got it all figured out eh. You realize every time unity engine puts an update out it breaks something. Then they tend to be really drag ass about fixing it, if they ever fi