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New ContentA long time ago maybe 3-4 years ago AI factions were talked about by ozy, they were essentially AI players and had all the similarities to a regular player, they'd have their own cluster a
Garrison & Engagement BalanceYou bust with unstunable ships with 40k effective hulls, you tell me.
A TANK's PURPOSEGood lord, seems like the only fix needed here is a built in ruler for tib so everyone can measure themselves and go home. This is the classic QQ from both sides. No exceptions. Each s
carrier deflector proposals (only!)Last I knew termi didn't have built in deflectors that made them immune to tractor beams
carrier deflector proposals (only!)In a word: Stubborness
carrier deflector proposals (only!)Carriers in tanks for a long time have been known as the superior method to bust clusters. An unwillingness to change is the main difference. While I do think a ship with 11 ep to start sh
Carriers broke the game?I have thrown the idea around of carrier tanks busting garrisons for a long time, the difference between hs and bamf is that HS decided to do it and are now reaping the benefits. I haven't
Murder IncMurder inc could have returned IF Deprod was no longer a leader and IF you changed your name. Not about the history, Murder Inc at that time was a shell of its former self with all the ass
Nova Device - Temporary FixI feel like a lot of these discussions are happening because hitsquad doesn't like being nova'd during garrison bust. When people can justify being able to roll a fully defended XX garriso
BD value increasing, credit value decliningShips are just a band aid. Ok people buy a new ship, then what....
BD value increasing, credit value decliningOzy has already agreed that BOE gear was a huge mistake. Before BOE gear existed the market always had a use for credits. The higher price of ultimate gear kept everyone from being loaded
New ships for New players.Sigh. I'm not really sure anything else needs to be said. The noobs are given a ship that is going to be used for a week at most before they get a flayer. It's people like you that ruin th
BD value increasing, credit value decliningAgreed. BOE gear killed the gear market essentially.
BD value increasing, credit value decliningMake all engineering credits and completely get rid of bd. End of problem. Bd are the premium currency, if there is no premium currency and everyone's working with the same thing life woul
New Nova device buffMythra can only be killed by ram damage. It's been proven