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We need a merge... SeriouslyTib was fun when we had one server as it was with 3 and then 4. A server merge would add some epic moments but fear we will see the past replay yet again. Meaning the bigger allies for
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?Lol OK I'll break this down for you then. With a merge of all servers we will see an influx in active players then it will die off . as was stated it will be as it should be. Only diff
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?Look at grey with in the first month's and look at it now. Many players moved out of grey do to how grey conducted it self .meaning we killed everyone and showed no care to the ramificatio
Server Merge - Sunday May 1st?Those of us that were around in beta testing will understand what this merge will bring. Unfortunately do to the beta era people wanted a new serve to get away from the big alliances who k
Ozy: SteamWhy add a new server when they player base cant figure out what to do with the 4 servers we do have. Seem that this issue comes up from time to time yet the players still haven't fixed
decreased sensitivity with tap to repairWell Ozzy then we need to find a happy middle to this. Give us some options let us test them for a few weeks then we will pick what one we feel is best and reasonable . I understand it
decreased sensitivity with tap to repairHello forums . Lots of posts made very nice to see . Not like it matters much but I'll say it any way . I have been playing this game since beta before techs were put in ( good old