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why is there a limit on transcendany news on this game breaker issue on any other post?
why is there a limit on transcendnot sure why there is a limit on transcend. our max gear is fixed on XX so it woul'd unbalance things and it helps vets to keep playing. Now if u have reached the maximun of 25 transcends
RON - Unity Version or Even an update from the modslol, well i would like to say something like it will probably our time when xmas and newyearsday falls on the same day... but better not cos if by any chance the mod comes along that visit
Controversial subjectabout the rp, i am not deploying my nanos anymore so i stopped making rp. deploying a nano on uni is kinda...lol
Controversial subjecttbh i used to have a small farm fleet and bought a lot of stuff with bds on gray including ships to build them to be better in farming and for invs. but now with uni most of us changed fro
An issue.dont think there is a problem at all, uni is a full pvp server so skulls are easy to get just like cp. we also have the most wallet warriors (a good thing guys they keep the game funded) a
Ik im dreaming but heres my tib dream ...true. we and other small alliances where forced to a super alliance because of the merger. as a small corp we would not have survived on uni. so complaining now by ppl that wanted that me
Future Gold Mergeu cant add to much more servers the way they do merges now. every server needs to be on the login screen. if they add a server every 6 months then in 2 years we will have 9 servers on the
Future Gold Mergewhy guys wanna merge with gold. there are almost no cp ships there. The market on gold is way to expansive to build ships up that can survive uni. and there is already a huge lagg when we
login screen is getting a bit of a messi showed my friends who dont play tib the game and had difficulty explaning why i had to log into different servers to get my fleet together on one server while there are actually only 2 s
cant add item to watchlist in goldif i want to add an item to the watchlist (round buton in the middle) then this goes fine on unity but on gold it doesnt work. using the lastest classic client on a samsung tab.
huge lagg during fleet battlesTonight ill try the new unity client and not use the classic gui but im pretty sure its a server side issue. best thing would be if one of the mods would join a 100 plus fleet battle and c
gear combosim new at ron and just wondering how u guys know what gear is out there and how to combine. cant use all the wiki pages and there is no armoury or shipbuilder like tib. is there a webpage
huge lagg during fleet battlesdont know about u guys but im using a samsung pad GT-P5110 ANDROID 4.2.2 and playing with the classic version. outside fleetwars it plays just fine but during fleetwars i get the same resu
huge lagg during fleet battlesis it just me or is there a huge lag by other players too during fleet battles. its like my whole screen comes to a halt. cant even target some ships often.