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Change Gambling in TIB-XI agree, if this doesn't work, it doesn't work, but it's interesting nonetheless.
Change Gambling in TIB-XTake this into context with 3 and understand that this cannot possibly be applied to regular TIB. With significantly higher drop rates, there will be more gear floating around and it brin
Change Gambling in TIB-XOverall, what I am suggesting is: 1. Make Gambling run by corporations or alliances and funded by players so that money isn't taken out of the system. 2. Make gear much more frag
TIB-X Map Contest #9 (ends Monday, November 13)
Changes to hardcore fighter.I agree with ozy they don't just have stat bonuses, remember they get extra xp as well. As is, im running a hardcore mage, with gear and base stats he has about 25 magic and 6.4 luck when
Please let rogues walk thru friendliesI think being able to move rouges through friendly units would be beneficial to their theme. After ss behind enemy lines, it helps to be able to get them back instead of being a sitting du
Quest Storyline: Specific to hardcore characters?There looks like there is a lot more you can do with them than meets the eye. I have seen a similar questing system for a dungeon crawler called Fate (2005). In game it worked well becaus
Drops (and economy)The thing is, you don't get just commons, and you can do officer battles just farming. You should factor in uncommon drops a lot more than 1/5 the time. After that, if you use multiple squ
Thoughts on VolleyThe last post was unnecessarily harsh. To paraphrase quickly, volley is unbalanced as is. It doesn't give an accurate penalty to leaders/deities who can volley magic weapons which don't
We have thieves in commonityIf you want to give an item for free there is a better and safer way to do it. First, sell the item for a predetermined amount, then have the other person sell a junk item for the same pri
Battle Timer ReworkingBasically, the battle timer that comes on after a battle has dragged on for some time needs a lot of reworking. It normally isn't a problem in most scenarios but it absolutely ruins deity
Has anyone seen ...Custom tailored items seem like a good reward from large events. Granted there isn't a large market yet so it may not be necessary. Still, for those hard to come by items it would be nice.
Red + Blue + Green Server MergeI like the famous programmer line: 99 problems and bugs in the code, 99 problems and bugs. Take one down and patch it around 372 problems and bugs in the code. Also, no idea if this wou
Is it possible to play Tib on a chromebook?Is there any kind of patch, trick, or download available so that it is possible to play Tib on a chromebook? I'm only asking if there is a current way, not to make another since I know the
GOLD server details/suggestionsA fully fresh start would be near impossible to not totally fail. There would be way too many small inconsistencies for that to work. I'm glad the rules are shaping up like blue was (with