Developer Posts

“I'll try to keep you apprised here of any recent developments, outside of our Updates on The ship modeling and artwork is largely done, and has been done for a while (work started for TIB2 prior to the Kickstarter, and was re-purposed to TIB-X). Ruinzone even made a cool ship-designer tool that lets us build interesting ships lego-style! Ozymandias has spent months writing and re-writing the TIB server code from Java to C#. This step was anticipated to be the most time-consuming one. He's also creating a real "server," as the existing one is rather janky and has been a source of many back-end issues and limitations (e.g. paused...saving). The new item types (shields, batteries, weapons, drones) are accounted for, but the specific item aren't in yet (e.g. there's no "Heavy Shield V-6" yet). Those items do exist in spreadsheet form, though! Mythra will be codifying those in the near future. All of the new ships are in code-wise, with their accompanying bonuses. We have a WORKING game server, complete with 45 interconnected maps, all populated with NPCs that are moving around and doing their own thing! Following some real-life issues we've had to deal with over the past few weeks, Ozymandias has now started the process of building the new game client. In the nearish future we'll be sharing with you guys some more specific details (and hopefully images) with what we're coming up with.”