Developer Posts

“In the expansion I'd like to get rid of the idea that you only have exactly one ship of each type, and that they're locked to your account. Instead you would have a Ship Garage where you keep many ships parked, each with their own gear sets and experience points. For example, you could have a Level 200 Terminus, a Level 50 Terminus, and a Level 90 Flagship. Each would have their own gear inventory. You could sell these ships to other players in the same way you sell items. (Instead of the :UNLOCK command) This would be a step towards the multi-ship concept where multi-boxing is built into the game, and allow players to assign ships to defend Garrisons. Additionally, ships would have a point investment system where you pick level bonuses and gear specialization. So instead of all ships getting X% stat bonus every level, players would decide where to invest level-up points, such as putting your first 10 points into Critical Damage. You would also unlock more advanced gear (such as "Beam Weapon Specialization") for that ship, allowing it to use higher rarity beam weapons and/or giving it a bonus with beam weapons. Any feedback is welcome.”

23h 43m

“Just throwing this out there for feedback -- I proposed removing the current engagement system. It's clunky, confusing for new players, and pretty much impossible to balance. I'd like to hear alternative ideas that we can experiment with during the expansion alpha/beta. Concept 1 In Rings of Night we let players equip guns and armor to their Garrison, with the Garrison Rank controlling how many EquipPoints could be used. We could try something similar. Possibly keeping the same Engagement framework (12 attackers, X amount of time to defeat, etc) but letting Corps customize their defenses more? Could also equip gear to Defense Platforms. Concept 2 We could let players park ships at the garrison similar to Offline Defenders, and they would deploy under AI control when attacked. (With little or no durability loss for death) This could also give smaller ships a use -- Defense could have slots for specific ship classes so, for example, you'd have 3 Frigate slots to populate with offline defenders. The problem with the current system is that it will never be balanced because it doesn't change with the metagame and new strategies. Letting players use their gear in defense changes that.”